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Day 1

(Oh God, I'm so bad at starting these things)

Hi, I'm Reincarnation and this progress is about my tulpa; Nicole.


I started out Nicole by introducing all her traits to her because that is what most of the guides say although for the majority of creating Nicole I will be using my own methods. I've decided to make Nicole great but not perfect because where's the fun in perfect? She is quite creative, bright, curious, judgmental, bossy and careless although at the end of the day she is loyal to everyone and apologizes for her being that way. If Nicole decides to make her own traits I wouldn't mind but that is how I'm imagining her for now. I am currently still forcing (I'm not sure if that is the right word, sorry) so I will update again later. :)


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Welcome to the begining you will one day look back at this and cry for this was the day that your life changed in the best way possible :D

Day - 54 - 1 month

Stage - Impostion, independent

Name - Rainbow Dash


Visualise ✔ Touch ✔

Hear (vocal) ✔ Hear ✔

Impostion Independent

Possesion ✔ Switching - ✔


Wanna see something cool?



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Day 2 & 3

I'm so sorry for not updating, I swear, I have commitment issues or something. Anyway, because of my commitment issues I am having alot of trouble trying to remember to interact with Nicole so nothing much has happened.

I've been thinking maybe I should change Nicole's name, I don't know, I don't think it suits her much. Since I still haven't really started I'm thinking maybe I should make her someone out of a TV show, like maybe Effy Stonem, that would be cool.

Okay, I've finally decided, my tulpa shall be Effy Stonem! (finally...)



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