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Can tulpas get "sick"?

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So lately my tulpa and I have been doing great. She helped me pass a math quiz, talks to me while I dream, and has been beside me constantly.

But for the past couple days she's been acting/ feeling funny. It started the other morning when I woke up. Usually she's a heavy sleeper and despises mornings so when she didn't want to force when I woke up it wasn't unusual. But she stayed "sleeping" all that day. The past few days she's told me she feels weak, tired, and all she wants to do is sleep in our wonderland. When she talks its muffled and tired-sounding.

Has this happend to anyone before? What can I do to help her I feel awful for her... Thank you in advance to any responses!



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My tulpa has actually had some times where she's gone down like that too. Maybe they just get comfortable with sleeping or something and get too lazy to do anything else, I don't know really, but I think the way to get her going again might be to get her something or do something for her that'll excite her. Give her a reason to get out of the sleeps.

I'd consider myself a very inexperienced tulpamancer though, so I'm sorry if that doesn't work.

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I'm actually going through something like this myself. I attributed it to my own laziness but I've been trying to break the rut I've felt like I'm in lately and he just feels...sleepy is an adequate description...yes.

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For me, whenever I get mentally exhausted my tulpas get weak as well, and it affects them a good deal. I believe that their health is linked to yours, so if you aren't doing so hot then they can feel it. Also the state of your subconscious can have an effect on them.


If I were you I would let her rest, don't ignore her completely but respect that she probably needs some time alone to recuperate, and let her know that if she needs anything you'll be there for her.


I would also question if there was something that caused this, maybe you haven't been getting enough sleep recently, or there are some unsorted issues in your subconscious that need to be sorted out. Have you asked her if she knows what caused her to feel this way? She may be able to give you an answer.

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Similar happened to Raz in earlier creation when he was unable to speak fluently.I am not sure what caused it or if I even had part in it but Raz recovered in a few days after me pestering him with the ''Are you still tired ?'' question every five minutes.(not recommended).






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Something like that happened to my tulpa once... it was right after I pulled not-quite-all-nighter with some friends (I got about two or three hours of sleep). Believe it or not, I felt almost completely refreshed the next day. Tammy, on the other hand, was a complete wreck. She was lethargic, grumpy, and just didn't want to talk. Also, she started vomiting, though I suspect that that was just for dramatic effect.

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