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Extremely weird dream after I told my tulpa to "surprise me."

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Yep, another weird dream thread. Also counts as another "surprise me" thread.


Ok, here goes.


So, I was in what I assumed to be an airport, even though it looked more like a mall. I ran around the stores, contemplating whether or not I should steal some cigarettes (which, for some reason, none of the store people were watching their products) and eventually, I got my hands on a tin pack of marlboro.......crispy food, not cigarettes. So, I ate all the contents of the tin marlboro crispy food container....stuff, and then I got on this boat, which was being hung in the middle of the mall/airport by a bunch of very thin and not sturdy-looking ropes. I stepped in and saw my mom and dad sitting in it, along with a bunch of old people.....ok.


So, I stepped in, and the boat began rocking back and forth for NO REASON AT ALL, so I stepped off, and then the scene switched to a minecart system.......on top of a tower.......that suddenly cut off, and then minecart was about to ride off of the rails and fall off, but then the scene switched back to the mall. Everyone was panicking, I think, I don't know, can't remember everything, but then, somehow, the scene switched to third person, and then I turned from a human into a walking slab of....humanoid pork......and then, somehow, I ended up with a massive slice through my chest. I can't remember how. It just happened.


Then this giant pig butcher with a buster sword stepped in, followed by what I assumed was an Egyptian God type of figure. Humanoid-pork me crawled over to what looked like a kitchen that was selling....ugh....PORK. And I tried to crawl into the store to get some pork to eat, because FOR SOME REASON, I, AS A HUMANOID PORK MONSTER, WAS HUNGRY FOR PORK.


And then the Egyptian God told me to stop, and then the pig butcher threw his buster sword, point-first at me, and it went through my 'stomach' and was embedded within me, and I slumped forward and stayed that way.





Note: I copy pasted this straight from my own facebook, so I could share it here.


Now, this is either my tulpa's sense of humour, which, by the by, the by, I did NOT specifically implant into her personality, or I'm just having weird dreams lately for no reason.


What do you people think?

Name: Raid


Sentience: Confirmed


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Personality Traits: Is awesome a personality trait?


Form: 1. Pegasus Pony, with a flat, pink mane, and pink tail, and yellow coat. Also, blue eyes.

2. A blue-haired human (only encountered in dream so far)

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I don't know, try asking your tupper. I'd say weird dreams, though.

One Tulpa:


Name: Yuki

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Date of Creation: 16th September, 2013

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Oh, goody, a weird dream thread. My thirst has been quenched, for now.


Anyway, sounds like your subconscious and tupper both kept this suggestion in mind, and used it as reference for what to do during REM sleep. Same concept as how your mind uses memories from the days in the recent past as source material. You can have more (I will boldly not describe the dreams as weird, seeing as how all dreams are inherently "weird", rendering the description redundant. And yes, I am making a point of saying this because it irritates me when people say that they had a "weird dream") dreams like this by asking your tupper to surprise you like this again, and eventually you will be able to get a routine in your brain.


Then again, you might not want to have abnormal, surreal, and possibly frightening experiences on a nightly basis like some people do, and if so, disregard the tangent above.

[align=center]Even though my username is that of my tulpa, Quilten, my name is Phaneron, the host, who does all of the actual posting.

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