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Are there any female tulpamancers out there?

What is your gender?  

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I am 15, male, asexual, and I have both a male (asexual) tulpa and a female (heterosexual) tulpa.


Not going to comment on the frustrating discussion going on at the moment.

[align=center]Even though my username is that of my tulpa, Quilten, my name is Phaneron, the host, who does all of the actual posting.

Tulpas: Quilten, Jira


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Yep, I'm female, my tulpa is male.


We never really bothered with sex/gender- I sort of left it open when I created my tulpa. He ended up being male. He uses my feminine-sounding mindvoice as his, but he loves the idea of daemons and such being the opposite gender, so that must be our reasoning.


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Guest Anonymous

I'm a guy with my first as a male. I wanted him to be more as a friend and a lot of my closest friends are guys, so it wasn't hard to choose the gender.

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I wouldn't have guessed you as a guy, if that's any consolation. I had you pegged (no innuendo intended) as a teen girl from your first post.

Slightly relevant to things s, I have a friend everyone on our shared board thought was femle and was actually a guy with out ever insinuating either way.


On topic, male with no known tulpa. Its....awkward and for a different thread why I say that.

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I'm a girl (though a masculine and genderfluid one). I'm 17. I have 15 tulpas---


Amany -- M, 17, gay

Zaynab -- F, 17, straight

Sunny -- MTF, 16, straight

Shahran -- M, 17, gay

Donghae -- M, 16, straight

Joaquín -- Hermaphrodite (identifies as male), 17, straight

Ravi -- Hermaphrodite (identifies as both genders), 17, pansexual

Terra -- F, 17, slightly heteroromantic asexual

Nancy -- Hermaphrodite (identifies as both but usually takes a female form and is more feminine), 17, pansexual with a lean towards guys

Sahel -- M, 16, straight

Anoush -- M, 16, straight

Farzam -- M, 16, heteroflexible

Hyun -- M, 17, heteroflexible

Haku -- M, 17, bisexual with a lean towards girls

Joline -- F, 18, aromantic asexual


Edit: I'm pansexual, I can't tell whether or not I have a lean but I think I may like girls just a teeny bit more.


Heteroflexible = generally heterosexual but in rare cases can experience same sex attraction

~~Guide to Ravi's pronouns~~


Ne- used like He

Nem- used like Him/Her

Nir- used like His/Her (as in "His friend is fun")

Nirs- used like His/Hers (as in "It is hers")

Nemself- used like Himself/Herself

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Guest Anonymous
I'm a girl (though a masculine and genderfluid one). I'm 17. I have 15 tulpas---


10/10 Example of what it means to be a female and a tulpamancer.


But seriously, what is a female?

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