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Amadeus' Art Thread


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Okay Amadeus, here are all of my pictures of Stan, including a general description below. Four of them are right on the post, and the rest are links below that for your leisure and perusal. If you need any more questions on him, just ask; I have his form down pretty well.









Bigger versions:




Other images:










Description and other crap:


As you can see I am able to draw somewhat, but I would like someone else to draw him to get better clarity of his form.


The colors of his body are as followed:

Hair: Brown

Eyes: bluish

Skin: peach, AKA white

Shirt (when wearing one): Red

hooves and horns: gray

Legs: Brown also

Nose: pinkish/peachish


Stan is a faun; that's a basic description of everything. He has goatee and has sideburns that I believe would be form of a mutton-chop. His build is athletic, but he is somewhat skinny in stature. His height-- if you want this-- is around 5'11''. His ears are of a elvish quality, but not extremely long; they're kind of small. His eyebrows are somewhat fat, and he has two horns that equal around half of his face, if not more.

Stan (my tulpa): "sometimes, I do lewd things when my host bends over :3"

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Could you draw Kai? He's a six foot tall teen anthro wolf/fox hybrid. His features tend more toward the lupine, but his tail is more foxish. He's mostly jet black, with silver as the secondary color, similar to how huskies are often drawn. He wears jeans and a pullover hoodie. If you need more details, PM me and I can get more specific.

Almost forgot, he has a habit of smirking.


Edit: Apparently he's an anthro Arcanine now. Same clothes, same height, same smirk.

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Do you do your requests in a particular order?


I keep track of them in a notebook, but not in too particular of an order - if I separate them at all, it's usually by complexity. (For instance, if you asked me for a group picture with you, your four tulpae, and your wonderland in the background, I'll probably hold off on that until later.)


Conversely, I've noticed that I'm easily motivated to draw interesting pictures. It kind of gets my creative juices flowing.


Anyway, my point is, I'm working on yours as soon as I finish the one I'm on.

We don't get much in life. But we do have this.

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In the event that you are still drawing tupla, then here is What Alice looks like.


-Red hair, straight but messy, bangs brushed to right side, down to about mid cheek for bangs and in between shoulder blades in the back

-emerald green eyes

-about 5,4

-wears a black leather jacket, blue jeans, and boots

-rectangular emerald pendent on her chest

-has a smug look on her face

-somewhat long nails

-pale skin

-average frame.


Thanks if ya can make it.

Let's focus on the matter at hand, shall we?

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Getting a lot of these requests done, and feeling pretty good about it. I'll have an Imgur update tomorrow.


BTW, Yotslot, I don't know if I've ever mentioned this before, but I love your artwork. That reference material (along with some other bits and pieces I've seen around the site) is beautiful.

We don't get much in life. But we do have this.

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Imgur updated with Rose, Tealeap, Xiao Lu, and Katelyn.


Couldn't quite wrap my head around the pose you wanted for Katelyn. Sorry about that.

We don't get much in life. But we do have this.

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