Information Eye-Bo, the Ocular Fitness Program!

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I figure since my presence here is more or less acknowledged, I can still do the public one last, good service and inform it about Eye-Bo, the ocular fitness program. Some of you may or may not have occasionally seen me distributing it around various channels on Rizon since August last year.


Eye-Bo is a suite of audio-visual entrainment tapes designed to entrain you into producing specific brainwave frequencies using blinking lights and pulses of audio synchronised to those very frequencies. They can be used to entrain yourself into improving your ability to, among many things, sleep, visualise, relax, or focus. They function much like isochronic tones, but more effectively due to the combination of visual and auditory stimulation. Eye-Bo has all the paces required to replace the ones used by the tones, and, as such, supersedes them.


You can learn more about it here.

[NOTE: Eye-bo involves flashing lights, avoid if you're prone to seizures. Also, read the manual. You're supposed to watch it with your eyes closed, otherwise it might give you a headache. Link updated to point to the actual info-and-download page. ~mod]


I promise this is the only thread I'll ever make as Jyde.

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