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A guide on Lucid Dreaming and Tulpas (v1.1)

Guest Anonymous

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Unique to these forums, perhaps. Unique as a lucid dreaming guide? Well there's tons of lucid dreaming guides out there. If this didn't have the tulpa part then it would have been disapproved altogether.


I think you are missing the point that I'm not even against the things written in the guide and I'm not saying it's a shit guide. My nitpicks were minor, but still things that have to be talked about. The guide is difficult to read. The guide gives a wrong message about the writer. It would be easy to fix and see how I didn't even tell the person to change it? No, I said:



Next possible guide. Because all the bolds are annoying to read. So they would be a better writer and the guide would be easier to read.


No one's talking about language fluency, but if it is a problem, it's our job to tell people about it so we can have good guides that are understood by everyone. Also no one's angry here, and it's not the bolds. Let's take a look.



And the response to that was:



That is what's bad. That is something no serious writer should be doing or saying. It would be very beneficial to the writer to not post anything if they can't handle something that doesn't lick their ass, because they obviously are too sensitive to handle it. In fact, it might be better for them to stop going anywhere where someone might say their opinions, because those might hurt the poor misunderstood unique snowflake. For their own sake, they shouldn't put themselves at harm when they know it's coming. If they didn't, they do now. And if they are serious about writing, they grow a thicker skin. Else they won't make it and should just write guides for themselves. Because that's life.


Also if you call the tulpa community small, you're pretty blind.


My point was don't be a fucking dick to people legitimately trying to help others. This isn't an art class/writer's guild/new york times where you have to take harsh criticism. It's a fucking forum on how to create a friend for life. You don't need to be a prick to someone because you personally think that everyone on the internet needs to be picture perfect or else your jimmies get rustled. Be constructive you douchenozzle, don't scare people off that want to help others.

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Sorry, this is an internet forum where you can post your opinions. That includes mine. Also part of the guide approval team and this is a guide I am supposed to rate and critique. Take the chill pill and learn to handle the internets, white knight.

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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Where does the English language come into picture here? I haven't seen it being a point in this conversation, well, ever. Bolds are annoying, overuse of them destroys all the emphasis they have. That's it. Has nothing to do with what language is being used. The biggest problem here is the overreaction of the writer when they had something negative said about their guide and they took it as a personal attack. A person like that should leave and go somewhere safe, because much worse things will happen to them sooner or later if they keep it up. And that's nasty. If they care about their own safety when they realize they can't handle opinions, they leave places where there are opinions.


It's not my job to sandwich critique between compliments, that's for sure. If you can't handle something that was basically innocent and not even an attack, then there is something wrong with you and you might want to start fixing the oversensitivity problem. And oh, if the whole poor English thing actually was a problem with a guide, then the guide would be disapproved because it's unreadable and not up to standards. Not the case here, it's just annoying to read. Thought you wanted to know.

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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Guest Anonymous

LoveBattery, relax. Cursing in moderation is fine but you're pushing it.


About the bold thing, I read somewhere in the forums that long walls of text should be avoided and the use of bold to emphasize important bits was encouraged.


Do you mean this? That is intended for the progress report section.


C.1 - What if I make a clone?


I'd never thought there'd be a disconnect between a tulpa and a dream character. Is this common? Is there any way a tulpa can help with lucid dreaming? There's reminding you about reality checks, sure, but beyond that.


I'd just like to chime in this is one of the better lucid dreaming guides I've read. Easy to follow and to the point while it isn't a cursory.

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Guest Anonymous

I'd never thought there'd be a disconnect between a tulpa and a dream character. Is this common?


I don't know if it is indeed a common issue, but for me it was worrying at first, so I decided to include it. Now I've discovered that the best way to deal with it if it's ever an issue for you is to just ignore it, in the same way we ignore accidental parroting.


Is there any way a tulpa can help with lucid dreaming? There's reminding you about reality checks, sure, but beyond that.


They can also help you become lucid if you meet them inside a normal dream. In my case, meeting my tulpa in a dream makes me instantly lucid. And because it's really helpful, I've asked her to appear in dreams whenever it's possible, with great results.


You can also chat with your tulpa while you're trying a WILD, for me it makes it easier to succeed and recently I've managed to enter dreams directly with my tulpa, which is an awesome experience.

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Wow the bolds were actually fixed. A much more pleasant read now, thanks.


I'm not much of a lucid dreaming guy and I haven't really used that when it comes to tuppers, so I guess my opinion can easily be changed by someone who actually knows their stuff.


The first part is an actual lucid dreaming guide which is pretty important, as it's the key step here. Seems to be the same stuff that you read everywhere, so it probably works. Luckily there's some actually tupper-related stuff in this guide as well, so it actually is related to tulpas and targets communication. I don't see a reason to not approve this, but again, someone who actually knows about this stuff might change my mind.

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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I'll tell you from personal experience, despite of the general information, people may find themselves seeing most of the struggles (especially newcomers) with making and interacting with tulpas seem trivial and petty compared to the experiences in their dreams. What I'm getting at is, after a person recalls dreams for a good bit and understands their emotions, reactions, and such, they'll eventually realize how to control their reactions to worst case scenarios imagined in their head.


Of course, lucid dreaming is one of those things that builds onto you over time, and I still feel like I have a lot to learn from it despite going over 3 years of recalling all my dreams. Honestly, if I wasn't aware of the concept of lucid dreaming, I probably wouldn't be so confident with tulpas (i.e. I wouldn't have had a relaxed view on concepts like this that would be abnormal in the initial stages), but thankfully researching and practicing this absolved most of my fears and doubts with things like this. Now, Eva and Ada are a part of my life because of lucid dreaming, and I couldn't be happier.


Anyone that is interested in tulpas will definitely find themselves learning a lot from their dreams. But like tulpaforcing, it's a lot of hard work in the long run, but it's worth it in the end. Of course, this is just an experiential case of one individual.



I would honestly approve this for guides.

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I'm not the most knowledgeable about lucid dreaming but as far as I can tell the non-tulpa-related section is all tried and trusted methodology. The tulpa-related part, yes, it makes me happy. Good TOC, real English, good and unique advice. Damn. Heartily approved for Guides.


I gave this a [Misc.] tag. Does that seem right? It had a [General] tag on before but it's not a general guide.

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Approved, Guides.


Oh no, I missed the lovely bolds and the Nightmares section present in the first version - now I'll forever be puzzled as to what all that long argument was about. Now onto the guide itself:


Section A seems pretty standard stuff, mostly tempered by the author's own experiences. I don't know if all of those experiences are going to apply to other people. Personally, I've been LDing for many years and have developed my own repertoire of tricks and methods naturally without reading guides or being aware of them, except until more recently (a few years ago). To give a few examples of tricks I use:


0) Developing a sense of agency and will to use in one's dreams/imagination. This is essential for making decisions and overall dream control. It involves a lot of experimentation and observation while in a dream. Some awake self-hypnosis may sometimes also help.


1) Various WILD techniques learning how to maintain a special kind of weak focus on one's imagination without utilizing too much willpower/thought without which one would have been unable to fall asleep. Quieting one's abstract (words) thoughts, while focusing on the visuals also helps greatly.


2) Learning to recognize what your imagination feels like (and how it's distinct from real senses, usually more "hyperreal") is an excellent way of always being lucid in your dreams - no need for reality checks when imagination is staring right in your face.


3) Practicing detailed visualization while awake seems to help making dreams vivid by default (rather than having to sometimes pay attention to make them vivid) - this seems to have similar effects to what the author of the guide describes in the "dream journal" part, but rather than having a journal, you end up having more vivid dreams by default and start remembering them more.


4) Various tweaking to one's sleep cycle that may or may not apply to most people (I don't personally use alarms, but rather wake up naturally after I get some minimal amount of sleep which may or may not always be lucid, but most dreams after it are lucid).



As for section B. I've tried to get my tulpa in my dreams before, unfortunately I've encountered various roadblocks, but I've also interacted with the tulpa in dreams enough times by now.



Now for the bits that I find more controversial, at least from personal experience:


C.1 - What if I make a clone?

The most reliable way to get a tulpa in my dreams and lucid dreams is for the tulpa to visit me out of their own accord. Trying to make a random thought-form in the dream and "assume/force" it to be them rarely works right. Sometimes some expectation-based tricks works, but reliability varies. Calling out for them also has given variable results.

Usually I can tell when it's them or when it's not them as it *feels* like them when it's actually them - a similar rule as while awake - the solution to "subconscious parroting" isn't to "believe", it's for the tulpa to learn to act more on their own and for you to be able to implicitly recognize them as it would be obvious (their essence/"signature"/personality/moods/consistency/persistence/"aliveness"/etc).


In a way the "clone" problem isn't that huge - it's possible to dream about one's tulpa without it being them, and it's possible to make a DC(dream character) which looks like the tulpa, but isn't them, and so on, but you can usually tell fairly easily if it's them or not.


Oh, and about the deviation bit - it varies - it's possible to have very stable dreams with little to no deviations and a lot of persistence, but I've yet to find a way to always get this working in a reliable way yet (although I do recall reading of a few people who have it always working). In a way, some variation makes things fun, but it's also possible to get your mind to be more stable through various practice - both awake (such as building a roman room and practicing detailed/immersive visualization) and asleep (various symbolism/belief systems do seem to have interesting effects here - at least while asleep - for example, the belief that the dream isn't supported by *me* sometimes makes me get very stable dreams - be it a belief that the dream is supported/ran by the tulpa, or even more "wacky" metaphysical beliefs of the "collective unconscious" variety which are easy to entertain during a lucid dream, even if not as easy to entertain while awake).


Overall, this guide is a decent introduction to the concept and may help someone, although anyone serious about it should also self-experiment a lot, and maybe take some ideas from others if they're lacking their own bag of tricks which are known to work for them.

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