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Forcing Your Tulpa Something For The Holidays?

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I asked Yuki what she wanted for Christmas, and she told me she wanted me to learn to play piano so she could play it through possession (that should be interesting), and a servitor-like pet of her choosing. She probably will think of more things later!


So is anyone else getting (or forcing) their tulpa anything for the holidays?!



Form1-Arctic wolf, big blue eyes

Form2-Long white hair, blue eyes, pale skin, white wolf ears/tail, light blue jacket

Personality-Compassionate, calm, sarcastic, playful, protective, introverted

Stage-Sentient, vocal, working on possession

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Guest Anonymous

The song "All I want for Christmas is you" comes to mind.


I think I gave my tulpa a scarf last year along with a long session. I think. Material things tend to disappear. We'll probably just spend more time together.

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Guest Anonymous

You know what, that sounds like an excellent idea. I don't normally celebrate Christmas anymore, but this could be fun for us to have a personal Christmas.

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My tulpa just told me she wanted to be imposed by Christmas... yea, I'm screwed.

My tulpa

Name: Tammy

Sex: female

Species: Anthro (red fox)

Working on: imposition

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Last year Nate and I essentially threw a little party for our tulpas with just the two of us hanging out and letting our tulpas pick out what we did during the day/spent a lot of the time forcing and chit chatting together. This year I haven't figured out what I want to do, but my tulpa's already saying he would like to get or make Nate and his tulpas something(s) from him (which of course Giselle has joined in on now)


Usually Jaden and Luke just ask for food that they love that we don't usually eat hahaha. Giselle likes girly things so when I get something for her it is something that basically becomes something for us, a nice accessory or something cute. It's nice because they remind me of her often and she loves to dress up and give advice on girly things any chance she gets. Sort of becomes a win win for the two of us.



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Mel Syreth

That's a good idea, I might ask Martina next time we force actively, though I don't think she'll respond since she's not that developed.

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Guest MegaBusta

I forced my tulpa a sweater last Christmas, and she's been wearing it pretty much every day since then.

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Stomp said he wants more friends for Christmas....

Tulpa name: Stomp

Tulpa Species: "nobwog"

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I'm making a winter wonderland.


"Take all of my advice with a grain of salt"

Progress Report Here

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