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New Guides Section


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So there's a new guides section now and the GAT is going to be managing all of it.* If people are still not on board with that then post here because it can change and all that.

EDIT: right forgot to say that this is actually up to us. If someone has a problem with us doing Resources then we can opt out.


What goes in Resources should be obvious: resources. Things like tones or self-hypnosis scripts or whatever. About approving resources, there are obviously fewer criteria to check them on so just do what's applicable.


Tips and Tricks, the division should be whether or not they outline a proper method. If they don't actually give instruction, or the instruction is purely symbolism, it belongs in Tips and Tricks. There's obviously a big grey zone in which case the guide writer should be allowed to decide, or maybe edit the guide. Basically the same criteria apply to tips as do to guides.


As for submissions, you should specify where a thread belongs in your review. I guess you may as well skip that for Guides and only specify if it belongs elsewhere if you want to. We're still approving all three categories, just to clarify (unless, again, someone doesn't want to).


Again, if any of yous have any problems then this is all open for discussion.

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Well done! A very welcome progression in my opinion. When I get time I'll resubmit the "tips and tricks".


And, postin' in an inappropriate place as I tend to do, I just wanted to thank the GAT members for the constructive criticism. I am most sincerely grateful (and I mean no irony when I say that).

Please consider supporting Tulpa.info.


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