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My Journey for my own Tulpa.

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Hello there, My name, as you see, is GunshotsXxX, But you can call me Gun for short. Now as i post this Thread, I am thinking up and moving towards me and my Tulpa (as of early stage) taking steps to Creating Herself.

Now yes, I have chosen a female Tulpa, And the reason for it is due to my past which i may later include in my report. Its a long not to good story

Now in my Report, i will try day-to-day, Give a Brief Summary of The Steps i'll take in Creating Her. As of now, She is Gaining her form and i'm Trying out Other Forcing Methods that i can/have found. I will Explain what form i have chosen to give to her for her own unless she wants to change, in the Report. I call her Candy Cotton





December 5:

I start off my First step, Form, as i think this will help me Keep Track of her in my already Overworked head of mine.

I First get down on the floor and lay down. I then look up at my ceiling and then start to think of her form, Keeping my mind at focus on her form, Within a dark kinda void place, because my Wonderland ( which is my happy calm place) is not fully fleshed out, as too some problems i'll Explain later.

I Continue to form her for about an hour or more then stop as to that my mind started to go numb and slip, not as sleeply, just numb, Almost like my smaller headaches.

The Form i have given her, is a pony form. The reason why is because i enjoy the mlp series. I do call myself a brony because i feel no shame in the name. But the main reason why i choose her to be a pony is because i see the show as a slight mirror that shows some goodness in this world, Granted that there is alot of bad, But it give me a little hope to the friendship part to show that happiness is were your friends are. Candy will be my reminder of the Great and happy side of me when i lose my light on a matter/problem. She as i see her, will be my deep friend that will Comfort me when i'm down, like i do for my friends.




December 6-7:

I lay back down in my spot of my room and think of her form again, But this time i focused on her form and started a conversation with her. Talking about my day, What i do most of the time, Explain my friends, what things i liked that day, to the not so liked, Just the general.

Not much came back as to just maybe me seeing her till her head of her Basic body form that i have giving her, Sense i know the 2d body form alot more, Im going to stick with it because for me it won't be too hard rather than 3d. The way i see her would be her just laying down on her belly and facing towards me. She right now has no color but grey which i will change later or let her change. I'm going to later give her hair because i thought just a basic form would be good to start with and that the hair would be just a bit more for me at the start. But so she would just till her head to an angle when i stopped explaining, then would smile, I don't know if i made her do this because mostly at the end my mind would be numb and not really feel good but i digress. I'm making some progress.




December 8-11:

Small amounts of passive forcing because i had a lot of family stuff to take care of and other matters.

Candy would mostly just smile at me or have a curious look, This may be from what I'm telling her, or just from what I'm doing. Like listening to music lightly while forcing.

the way that i passive force may sometimes be in the shower because i feel more relaxed and at focus or i may find myself in a stable mind set and think about her then start to force just a bit so that i don't go numb within a matter time (1-3 hours). That's about it, so yes.



So yes, these are my first reports so far, If you have any tips or anything to say then please, Go right ahead.

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Hi, I'm TheInogroffer. I hope you are enjoying your forcing. I am just starting out like you. If you dont have alot of time to actively force, you may want to try Fede's Guide. It is mainly passive forcing.


"Take all of my advice with a grain of salt"

Progress Report Here

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December 12:

A small amount of time just forcing is what i was able to do so yeah, Sadly it was just a small chat. I had wished i had more time for that day but i didn't, was doing work and other stuff.


December 13:

Quite a day, As to that i had to go to my fathers house and well.....That right there is a long story that again like i said, "may include later".

But to candy, it was just a trip. We had done some more passive forcing that day but more in a way that was proactive, like me being able to see her much more and talk to her as i could somewhat think about where she was. It was cool and it cheered me up alittle bit that day. It was not the greatest day but it was good, and i have to thank candy for that. She also now has her hair and a bit more color than just grey, More like a Very light sky blue hue for her fur and a soft Pink for her mane. Which is almost shaped like Berry punch (if you know who that is....) But later down the road i'll make a pic for her with my art skills and show it to you guys who are reading, so yeah.


December 14:

HOLY COW, What a great day, It was so cool, Even i was just shocked. So it started with me waking up because of my dad. He wanted to go to Walmart and get some stuff. So i had got ready and we were soon on the road. After about a few minutes of getting there and just walking around for some stuff. Candy Just popped in to my mind, And it was really cool. At the time i was very bored and Was just browsing tulpa.info on my phone when she would just do some of the funniest stuff. Like jump around and come from places that i didn't expect. It was a shocker and cool. But It wasn't in my eyes, we hadn't gotten to imposing yet, just kinda still working on form and personality. It was like this. My mind was passively forcing her, But At the same time Re-creating the paths and images of walmart as i saw them. So if i thought about where she was or where she was trotting, I saw her some what there. It's strange but cool. I don't know what was happening but i just went with it. We were having fun and it was cool. Then when i would talk to her with my mind voice. Well......Its like i almost heard a slight whisper.......Almost like a women's voice. Its something that i was curious about, And began focusing on that sound. I would ask it questions thinking it was candy, And i thought i could make out some very, VERY basic sounds. Now the last part i didn't know if i liked it or not. After about some time after that. I would see candy, And if i asked her a question, Expecting a nod or a shake of the head. I heard a low toned womens voice. Almost like Octaiva's Voice is the best i could put it (again, sorry if you don't know who that is. but if your a brony, You should know) But yeah, anyway, It felt like when she answered, i had been the one who gave the answer to myself. As to parroting for her. Now i know i have heard here and there that you should and/or you shouldn't parrot but im just going to try and not parrot so that i know that i get a answer that is completely not mine, Because trust me......i know when i answer, And i want Candy to have a chance to answer what i ask her when she is able to it with out me doing it. Thats just me so yeah.



So thats the update of my weekend. Kinda ok and stressful. I think in the next few days, me and candy are going to try some new methods and get to go to a wonderland that i'll whip up for just quick spin. But yeah. Next update i may talk about the reason candy is a female pony character as to not that it's The Normal thing that all new tulpamancers do when they want a tulpa but explain the real reason as to why i didn't choose a male one. It will be a sad post, but its something that i'll just share with no more worry in my heart. So yeah.



PS: To TheInogroffer, Thanks for telling me about it, Though i don't like parroting so much, I do like the methods of forcing and spending time with my tulpa, so yup, Thanks.

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lets do this...


December 15:

as we move forward, Me and candy are doing great. Now on this day, I wanted to Flesh out candy even more, I mean in a sense i knew she was there. But i wanted to start on personality now more than ever, Because i have her simple form, i went ahead and did a session where i had called out to candy and explained to her what her traits were then talked about how they effected her. Now i don't have the greatest memory so i don't want to sound bad, but my mind was at a lost of sleep, I forgot some of the traits that i said, But i did manage to keep five Main ones that i went on to explain more about and how they made her react to somethings and what she would do. This went on for 15-20 minutes before my brain could not stay awake and i dropped. Sadly i did not like that i did that. But i said sorry to candy and she smiled at me with a tilt of her head.


December 16:

Now, I could explain some of the same stuff i did last night but i won't because its just about the same thing that happened, Because when i had started forcing, it must have been like 12 or 1 in the morning and my brain was just so numb, But i still had candy's traits in my head so i went ahead and turned on the binaural beats that i used for calm meditation and Began to force, just like i had before. So pretty much same thing happened. Gosh im hating how late school nights are slowing me down.



So yes. Thats about what happened. I want to start getting serious on personality now because i feel thats the road to be on right now so yeah. Thanks for reading.


PS: sorry but i may post that story of me in the next update.

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