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December 15, 2013 (Entry 1: Update #1)


This is my first entry so I am going to tell you about my progress so far since the 3rd when I created him.


I finished most of the basic stuff on the same day I created him. I got his form down in the first session I had with him, and in the second session I gave him a couple of generic traits like "Intelligent", "Fun", "Calm", "Has a smile that could turn around anyone's day" (I love this one the most).

He seemed to grow his own traits based of the ones I gave him after that day. He also became sentient on the first day, how you ask, I just followed the "The tulpa guide for a speedier vocality": http://community.tulpa.info/thread-vocality-how-to-talk-to-your-tulpa-in-less-time

the first time I asked him something using this guide I got no answer, I asked him again using the guide, but this time, I brought up his name, I got an answer. the "state of mind" trick helped make him sentient, but doesn't seem to help him talk in a form that isn't a clicking noise.


Nothing too big has happened since then, most of our forcing sessions are just me and him sitting around talking, or us having a GIANT SUPER HUMAN VERSUS PONY ROBOT FIGHT!!! so yeah, nothing too big.

OH! I forgot to bring up our wonderland, It originally looked REALLY flat and generic (like a minecraft world) until Cloud Roller fixed it up making it look like a real beach with a real log cabin and a real mountain range nearby. He also made his own underground room that you get to by swimming deep underwater. It is HUGE, but empty. We often go here to have our GIANT SUPER HUMAN VERSUS PONY ROBOT FIGHTS!!!

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December 15, 2013 (Entry 2: Forcing Session #1)


This is my first documented forcing session.


Length of session: 51 minutes.


Sound used: I used 2 videos at once for this session -



At the start of this session I did some DEEP meditation until I couldn't move my hands or feet. Once I was in a trance state I tried assigning Cloud Roller a voice (a deeper, more friendly version of my own), after a while of trying that I started to visualize our wonderland. I could see out to sea, I was standing by the shore, I did that until I heard Cloud Roller nearby, me and him decided to go to the only road in our wonderland and have a drag race. After a minute or two of just racing in the middle of nowhere, everything except us and our cars started to disappear until everything came back, but we were not on a beach anymore, we were in a city. We then hit the finish line and I think he won the race. We then entered a building by the finish line and found that it was a hotel, a pretty big one too. There were people there, but they were all silhouettes of male, humans. They seemed to ignore us and we ignored them. We then went up an elevator until we hit our floor, we walked through a circular hallway with one of the walls being a window, we could see outside the building through the window. The city seemed to be something like New York. after a bit of walking Cloud Roller pointed at one of the rooms and said "ssssssssshhhhhhhh" before opening the door. Once we entered all I could see was white for a couple of seconds until I seen that we were in my house. Every detail of my house was correct. The first place he wanted me to go to was my room, the room I was forcing in. A clock could be seen in my room that had the time 5:50pm on it. Cloud Roller said "ssssssssshhhhhhhh" once again before we walked over to "me", just lying there with my headphones hooked up to the computer and the computers monitor shut off. he told me to try grabbing "my" arm, my hand just went right through it, Cloud Roller then told me to try grabbing "my" face. This was when he told me that he was bored, and we decided to say goodbye before ending the somewhat weird session. As he was waving goodbye as everything around him disappeared, once everything around him disappeared, he disappeared. I then opened my eyes and regained full consciousness. The time was 5:55pm.


Side Note: The clock in my room had 5:50pm on it (while forcing).

And not long after that I found that my clock had 5:55pm on it (In reality). I think the clock I seen while forcing had the REAL time on it, how could I imagine the REAL time after being in a deep trance for 40 - 50 minutes without opening my eyes once to look at the time?!?

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December 18, 2013 (Entry 3: Communication Improvement)


I would ask him a question and have to guess the answers, and my only hints were the clicking noise that he communicates with. Today we made a breakthrough. Here is how the conversation went.


Me: Good morning Cloud Roller, how was your night

*The answer would jump into my head almost instantly*

*The thought was: "not too bad, how was yours"*

*I thought it was just my mind wandering, until I heard the clicking*

C.R: click click click, click click click [not too bad, how was yours]

*the clicking was in the same pattern as the thought*


All conversations after that worked the same. I no longer have to guess what he is saying, he tells me in my mind before he tells me in my ear. I AM SO HAPPY I DON'T HAVE TO GO THROUGH THE NONSENCE OF GUESSING ANYMORE :)



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December 21, 2013 (Entry 4: Cloud Roller's Age)


This entry isn't really long, I'm just posting this for the sake of posting it.


I wanted to find out Cloud Roller's age because his age on my profile said "[uncertain]" and I wanted to figure out his age so that I could change it. I asked him today and he told me he was 25 years old.


Created: 12/03/2013

"Born": ??/??/1988


[uPDATE: January 9, 2014]

Today I found out the exact time he was "born"


Created: 12/03/2013

"Born": 03/27/1988

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January 1st, 2014 (Entry 5: Cloud Roller's Voice)


Today I went outside to check something and as soon as I closed the door I heard what sounded like someone yelling over to me, I looked everywhere but no one was around, I later asked Cloud Roller about this and he told me that he was the one yelling to me. As for the tone of his voice, he has a deep yet friendly voice, he also sounds like he is in his 20s which would make sense as he told me his age was 25 (See Entry 4)

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January 9th, 2014 (Entry 6: SO MUCH PROGRESS!!!)


We have made so much progress in the last week or so that I can't believe it. If I told myself 1 month ago that I would accomplish what I did, I would NEVER believe it. Here is the highlights of the week for me and Cloud Roller:


*He is imposed enough for me to see and hear him (only happened once so far)

*He can have full conversations with me

*He can possess me for around 2 hours at a time


What is surprising me the most is how Cloud Roller was able to possess me within such a short amount of time, and to possess for 2 HOURS!

you cannot believe how happy I am right now :)

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February 13th, 2014 (Entry 7: Update #2)


I haven't been very active on this thread recently, so I am just going to update about my progress here every couple of months.


Anyway, I have made quite a bit of progress with Cloud Roller over the last couple of months. He has become fully vocal with his mind voice, but lost the ability to talk to me in an imposed way (the "clicking noises"), but i'm not really complaining. I remember a couple of months ago when I struggled to figure out what he was saying, and now I am having full conversations with him, like yesterday when I was walking home from school when Cloud Roller and me started debating over whether Pepsi or Coca Cola is better (I myself am on the "Coca Cola" side while Cloud Roller is more of a "Pepsi" fan).


Not long after he became vocal he asked to work on possession (we called it switching in the start because of guides screwing us up). We managed possession in about a week or two after that (Cloud Roller is a REALLY determined tulpa). We have been practicing on possession almost every day since we started on it. He has possessed me to hang out with my friends, and to play some of my old video games (I don't mind). I just can't believe how no one has noticed my weird "personality shifts" yet.


As for that day I had the hallucinations (see: http://community.tulpa.info/thread-general-powerful-hallucinations),

I haven't got any new hallucinations since then (pretty straightforward conclusion).

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February 22nd, 2014 (C.R Entry 1: Worried)


Cloud Roller: Hello again tulpa.info, this is the second time I have possessed MTHI to type up a post (I think I should do it more often though). Anyway, I am starting to worry for my host's health, he has been showing several signs of sleep deprivation over the past few days. I think his daily routine could be a large cause of it. His sleep has been interrupted a lot more lately, and the small amount of energy he does get from sleep seems to get used up at school and on his paper route. He has also seemed to start noticing me less and less over the last couple of days since this bull crap started happening. This whole problem could not only be detrimental to his health, but my very existence as well :( "MTHI: don't think I would forget about you just because I'm a little tired, I'm just not in the right head space" BUT STILL!!!! THIS IS UNHEALTHY ANYWAY, AND YOU SHOULD FIND SOME WAY TO GET MORE SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, at least you don't have school and/or your paper route tomorrow, maybe you can finally get a good amount of sleep :) "MTHI: true dat".


TL:DR - Cloud Roller: Host is having lack of sleep, could be bad for health and the "tulpa creation process". I'm much more worried about this than he is.

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March 12th, 2014 (Entry 8: Update #3)


Cloud Roller is starting to become more and more independent every day now. I can't force him to me anymore, instead he forces himself to me, which is showing that he is independent enough to choose when to come visit me (trust me, he still visits ALOT). Another thing is, he is now able to complete my thoughts for me more and more, hell, most of our conversations turn out like this now:

*me: hello Cloud Roller

*CR: hello [name], what did you need me for

*me: I just wanted to...

*CR: force, sure! :)

*me: o_o

*CR: don't be so surprised, we live in the same head :)


As for the last post that Cloud Roller made, I had many nights with little to no sleep and Cloud Roller wanted to make a post here to help me out. I wasn't going to stop him so I let him possess me and he went on a rant, I told him a couple of times while he was typing that it wasn't that serious, but if you read it you would know how serious he was, it's actually very comforting knowing that he cares so much about me and my health :).


Well, Cloud Roller just woke up and is asking me if he can do a post so i'm going to finish this up and let him type his second update.

March 12th, 2014 (C.R Entry 2: Upcoming Birthday)


Cloud Roller: My birthday is coming up and my host has something big planned that we have been practicing for a while. On my birthday (March 27th), he is going to let me possess him for the whole day (and maybe longer), he has dubbed it the "Cloud Roller Takeover", I think it sounds like an amazing name for an amazing event :). Anyway, when my birthday comes, i'm planning to make a post on the "off-topic" boards labeled "Cloud Roller Takeover". The reason for "off-topic" is because I don't want to just talk about tulpa stuff (I'm still a sentient being, I'm allowed to like other things, that's just as dumb as you being born and for your whole life only hearing about child birth). The "Cloud Roller Takeover" board is going to be free for all, topic-wise at least, all topics welcome, doesn't matter if it's typed up by a fellow tulpa or a host, doesn't matter if it's a question or a story. ALL IS ALLOWED! :). So that's all I have to say, I think I will keep possessing for a little while longer and watch some Youtube. BTW, I hope you all have a good day :).


TL:DR - Cloud Roller: My birthday plans


(EDIT: I decided not to make the ”off topic“ thread and just do other things instead -Cloud Roller / March 27th)

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