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Zero's Progress Report (Pandora)

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After playing a significant amount of Touhou recently, I started getting a Tetris Effect-like thing where, whenever I closed my eyes, I'd see endless Touhou bullet patterns being shot and falling down like they would in the game. So I started doing this thing where I imagine a character amidst the bullets and try dodging them by controlling that character. This has been becoming easier and easier, I just close my eyes and dodge Touhou bullets in my mind. The bullets are (slowly) becoming more clear to me every time I look at them, as well as the character.


I think I'll keep doing this as a visualization exercise, it's not only fun but it's already improved my visualization quite a bit by doing this. I think I'll first work on clearly seeing the bullets and character, and then try to add a moving background, and maybe some enemies, but that's still too far off in the future. Perhaps I'll be good enough at visualization by then that I'll be practicing other things.



Did 2 hours of visualization today, both active forcing and practicing visualization without my tulpas' involvement.


Total time spent: 26 hours

Personality: 15 hours

Visualization: 6 hours

Narration: 5 hours

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