Progress Report - Arien (New Host, Please Assist)

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Got myself caught up on the progress report.


I use to go and take walks with Mel over the summer when I actually had time to. Rather enjoyed it, walking is good for you. Helps clear your mind, get your blood flowing, and stay active. In my opinion it's also a great way to spend time with your tulpa. Either chatting with them in your head or imagine that they're walking right beside or around you (I believe this might be a method of passive forcing) Perhaps imagining their footsteps along with yours try to visualize them walking? I dunno.


I actually gave Mel access to all my memories when I started. I've found that when she brings something up, even if it's something not as pleasant, It's kindof a good way to look back and reflect on life. Questions that Mel has asked about some of my experiences have helped me see some things that I hadn't seen back then and helped me learn more from the experiences. We learn more from our mistakes than we can from a success and the better person isn't the one who makes the least mistakes, but rather the one who learns the most from the mistakes they make. Keeping that in mind, a tulpa can help there. For me, I try to encourage Mel to dig around my memories and bring up or ask about anything that she's curious about. I completely understand though if there are memories that are more painful than others. I actually find that cracking those open again after time has passed are rather good for reflecting on.

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