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ITT: We draw our wonderlands

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:O!!! No way! There's an environment section for this!!

So I'm in the middle of drawing this right now, but this came up when I was actively forcing the other day while trying to find a good interesting spot to change to.

Dunno if I'll move this to the computer, but if it will, it would likely advance much further.


Here's the sketch 😮 




It's mostly just some sort of facility I wanted to really figure out cause the flash of it seemed really neat. Though the idea would be to be able to somehow explore this.

Edited by Ashanti

Just trying to find a comfy spot here. My ArtStation for those curious. 


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Here's a quick and dirty of our pond.



Dragon is lurking in the background like a colossus. Wanted to color the blanket a bit but it kept filling in our skin too and I'm too lazy to trace our outlines. Just pretend it's pretty 😄


We got the idea from the oasis in Episode 19 of Wolf's Rain:



Only I'm a pudgier blonde and Jaina is a tall redhead. Kiba is wearing what I usually wear though.


We also like the SAO cabin:




Darron: Host 💍 

Jaina: Tulpa 💍 

Aggrok: Tulpa Void Dragon

Viktor: 🐺


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