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ITT: We draw our wonderlands


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I gave up at the house, and the forest is much more 'populated'.



Human female, red eyes, long silver hair w/ black highlights

Imposition, Possession/Switching

December 2012



Black humanoid, glowing white eyes; large, black wolf, same eyes; human male, black eyes, silver hair.

Imposition, Mindvoice


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Clockwise from bottom-left, there is the Workshop, the Places Gallery, the Door to the Lounge, the Library, and the Memory Palace (which is a wardrobe). The light brown is a gravel path, the green is grass, and the weird bullseye in the center is a fountain, kind of like this.




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I made this while creating my wonderland to help me visualize it. I used a program called worldpainter (yes, Minecraft). The dark green patch in the center of the island is a thick forest, there is also a castle on the mountain.



"Humans are flawed, war is in our blood and when we fight there cannot be justice for all."-Unknown


Currently working on first tulpa, Makai

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