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ITT: We draw our wonderlands


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Guest Anonymous

Fuck trying to draw my wonderland first, I'm gonna tell you guys about it instead.

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Guest Anonymous

Here is my astral world! --> http://artpad.art.com/?mqfxf6ki2iw


What do you think?


>sees the world catching on fire


Damn it Lietuvis, you had one job.


Still though pretty sick drawing. I can't name why, but I love the style for some reason.

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I thought I posted here. I guess I didn't, must have been wanting to draw more than just one area. But I don't know when I'll actually do that, so here.


Ugh, I can't reduce the size enough for the site without making it super small or pixaly. So here's a link.

[align=center]“From my rotting body,

flowers shall grow

and I am in them

and that is eternity.”[/align]

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heavy breathing


Now to try and commission a pretty drawing version of the outside and various rooms. Or a walkthrough 'game' or something. Or both.

Oracle, the host

Vamphir, the catboy

Spirit, the dragon


Previously Synful

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