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New Features - (Including Mobile Site)

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I don't know about iOS, but it seems to be free for android users :-)


Ah, looks like they changed that. I'm going to still not suggest tapatalk to the higher-up forum staff because it is buggy and the support from the developers is nonexistent, even if you pay them money. Something that has to be taken into consideration when adding a thing like Tapatalk is the fact that we're going to have to be able to give support to users that have problems with that app. In terms of an end-user side, there likely is a huge benefit and convenience. I get the photo posting thing and the push notifications, I really do. My main concern is having to do support for end users who claim that "the forum is broken" when the actual problem is something we have no control over or power to fix. Not to mention you have to click "no" on every single page you view on the forum from a mobile device that advertises tapatalk with an alert(). Also, this gives us another thing to support. Sorry, but I don't think the benefit justifies the overhead.


I think the current implementation is ideal as is.

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