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I need your opinions on some things

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I'm doing some research for my book, I would like to know


1. What is your view on servitors? Are they divied by different classes and types? Like is a car servitor the same as a human servitor?Or are they just dived by levels of sentients? Are Wonderlands are they sevitors? Is there any diference between thought forms and servitors?


2.How do you work on visulization? What method do you use? Is it your own method? If so what is it?


3. What do you know about HUD's?


I will think of more questions latter I asure you..... Oh wait one more!!!!


4. Do you think my book will be good?


5. Is there any difference between a thought form and a servitor? I'm pretty sure there the same thing, I just want to double check that though :/......


6. Are there different forms of passive forcing?

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1. The only distinction to be made among servitors is their level of sentience, imo. And wonderlands can be run by servitors if, for instance, it's on the back of a titan or giant sea turtle or something like that.

2. Most of the visualizing I do is closed-eye visualization.

3. Quite a bit, although some see them as mere gimmicks.

4. That depends, what do you have down so far?

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1. Yes, in some ways, sometimes, sometimes, and yes.


2. Sit down, close my eyes, walk around my tulpa closely inspecting them.


3. Eh.


4. I would sure hope it will be.


5. Yes.


6. Yes.

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5. "Thought form" is just a general term for anything you think about, which can range anywhere from something simple like a number to something as complex as a fully-formed tulpa. So a servitor is just one type of thought form.


6. There aren't any officially recognized "types" of passive forcing. Passive forcing means interacting with your tulpa while doing something else, so if there were separate types of passive forcing, they would probably be determined by what you're doing while forcing.

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1. Some servitors certainly act more sentient than others, although whether that's just an illusion or not I am unsure. I suppose you would divide them that way.

Are wonderlands servitors? Actually that's a very interesting question, I suppose technically they are in a way...


2. Like anything, practice. The more you do it, the easier it becomes.


3. Nope, sorry.


4. Yes! :)


5. A servitor is just a type of thought form, the same as a tulpa is.


6. Uh, any type of forcing you do while not fully concentrating on your tulpas is passive forcing (for example, talking to them while doing something else). The difference between passive and active can be blurred sometimes imo.

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