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Should I try again?

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So about five months ago,I came across the Tulpa world. and four months ago I started to force my first Tulpa, Crystal. Back then, it was the summer holidays, my girlfriend was on holiday, so i easily logged two+ hours a day. But come September, my forcing went down and down, so much that the last time I forced, it was for twenty minutes. College started, and I was constantly tired, drained, and falling asleep during forcing.


A month ago was the last time I truly felt Crystal's presence. she had no vocalization, but I could tell she wasn't there. Now, I've all but lost her, and am stuck with a decision on which you guys could help me with.


Do I try again now? I'm not doing brilliantly at college, but should I try and force again? Or do I wait. wait for a few years until my life levels out, and then try again? I really dont know what to do, and hoped you guys could help me.

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A lot of people give up rather quickly. They don't last long before they lose interest or run out of time.


You can try again but first you should figure out why nothing worked the first time. Try a different method, consider working on a different tulpa.


If you are having trouble with time then consider passive forcing. That is, having your tulpa around during the day instead of meditating before bed for an hour or two.

Find a way to make sure you are interested. No sense starting again if you don't care enough and give up after a month. If having a non vocal tulpa for months on end doesn't sound appealing then try a method that starts your with parroting and a well defined form (opposed to staring at a ball of light like so many people seem to do...)


If you do give it ago remember that a well realized tulpa is something you are going to be stuck with for a very long time. Choose/shape it's characteristics accordingly.

Good luck.

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If you want to develop a more vocal tulpa, then narrate, narrate, narrate, and when she has trouble talking, don't be afraid to parrot her thoughts a little.


As for whether or not to continue creating one, I personally think that you should go through with it, since you already felt her presence. Try to continue working on Crystal though, don't start a new one.


If you don't have time to force, then just narrate when you can. Narration not only helps develop vocalization, it is also an alternative to forcing. If you do have some extra leisure time, I do suggest you use some of it on forcing, and develop her appearance or just have some fun in the wonderland.


In the end, the decision should be completely yours, so if you don't feel ready to continue with Chrystal, then don't. If doing good in college will give you a better future, it will also mean a better future for your tulpa, so put college first.


I'm still a fairly inexperienced tulpamancer, so take my advice with a grain of salt.

Chalin System


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Don't give up on her.


Not all forcing has to be active.


Just do passive, or narrate. In fact, just narrate the fuck out of her, if that's mostly what you can do with your spare time.


That's what I did with Raid. I never shut up, mentally.


If you felt her presence once, you can sure as hell feel it again.


I don't think less forcing will kill her.

Name: Raid


Sentience: Confirmed


Working on: Vocality


Personality Traits: Is awesome a personality trait?


Form: 1. Pegasus Pony, with a flat, pink mane, and pink tail, and yellow coat. Also, blue eyes.

2. A blue-haired human (only encountered in dream so far)

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I don't think you need to give up--even when vocality is not found, emotional reactions are not strong, when they feel silent.


Early on one of the things I focused on--Before personality forcing, before forming their shape, I focused on the idea of life. This helped me I think because I didn't have as many doubts when it came to them not constantly showing signs of sentience, having to constantly prove themselves in order to be seen as still there. So, if I didn't hear from my tulpa all day, that doesn't mean they've necessarily regressed, it just meant they hadn't communicated, I guess. This helped reduce doubt and kept communication open.


I would start paying attention to your days and how you spend them. Start paying attention to how you still can get along when spending time with friends--the ways you manage to get things done, maybe multitasking, watching tv while finishing your homework. Notice when you can do that and still have a buddy over who's chatting. I think when we think about forcing it's easy to get overwhelmed and think it has to be a task all it's own, but really some very small things make incredible differences.


One member here always suggests saying good morning(I agree). Something you can do while brushing your time, literally no time is taken out of your day, but you get a chance to greet your tulpa. When he/she is vocal maybe even a chance to talk about dreams or your plans for the day. When making mental notes to yourself, you can instead tell these things to him/her. Maybe you forgot because you were rushed in the morning. You still have a chance to say goodnight, and if you're anything like me, you take a couple minutes to fall asleep anyway, so again you have a time to yourself to talk. There's something fun about that anyway, like staying up at a sleepover and chit chatting. It's fun.


In time you discover your habits and how you might adjust them. You will start to notice things that you would make a remark about if there was someone with you--make that remark to your tulpa, etc. etc.


You seem like you really are wanting to get back into it, to bring her back. Just that alone tells me maybe you really could make it work out great this time. But I don't know. I'm not in your life so I don't really know what you need to do, only you can do that.


But trust me I getcha on being busy. Wedding planning, full time job, another part time job(to hopefully replace the other job soon), along with friends, hobbies, and my brain buddies(and time for their friends and hobbies), life gets busy.



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