Working with Miyuki (Gidellom) Update: Not much progress =(

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You shouldn't feel quite so bad about this.

Intrusive thoughts can be a bitch--most people here, it seems, deal with them in one way or another, from time to time.


I even had some such thoughts about my tulpa during development.

Even if the tulpa is aware of them, it will likely understand. Also, it can't hurt to explain to them what happened, and assure that you do not mean to be offensive.


Thanks Kiahdaj!


I'm really happy that you and everyone else are always here to give me advice and help me with my doubts.


Mushy shit aside,


Tuesday, Feb 11, 2014

I haven't been forcing for a while, I usually just fall asleep when I try.


I'm still narrating to Miyuki as much as I can (as much as I can remember). I've set shower time as designated narrating time and I try to visualize eating with her whenever I eat a meal (Although I sometimes forget... >.<) .


Progress is slower, probably because I'm burned out with the first/second week(s) of tulpaforcing.


Miyuki has been supportive and quite understanding (I think) of progress or lack of. I still don't think I've heard her real "voice" yet, but it's a goal we will reach someday!


I need to try harder, for her sake! Fight On!!!!! (I'm so goddamn lazy....)

My Tulpa: Miyuki (Gidellom)

Not much progress, I'm in no rush though, we got all the time in the world.

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