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Derp, I understand that you would want to have the disposition of treating them happy from the start, just like any other rational person would want to apply for the sake of functionality and flourishing. But discussing anything in relation to ant-natalistic ideas of tulpas being illogical isn’t really something bad to address again, especially when it can be cancerous to progress if the host is stuck in cyclical justification (like most newcomers have to overcome) of their tulpa’s origins and existence.


It wasn’t intended to try and shun down your previous post, because I already know that from threads and posts you’ve made in the past, you’re not out to throw anti-natalistic philosophies down people’s throat. So I apologize if my previous post in this thread implied that. You were merely stating in the past for others to acknowledge that there’s not really an objective workaround for euphemistically justifying the birth/origins of one’s tulpa. That’s where subjectivity kicks in, and how people justify it is based on how they go about making this compatible with their life-affirming philosophy, or combination of life-affirming philosophies.


Fair enough. Seeing as you apologized, for what it's worth I'll do the same. Much of my harping on your diction in the previous thread was due to your usage of ontological. How you've typed here is much better. I certainly could've been less pissy with telling you, haha. My apologies.

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Arent the two communities easy to combine? I feel that jungian psych and lucid dreaming would be the way that secular 'skeptics' would be on board for such experimentation.


They are very similar communities(as evidenced by the abnormally high number of lucid dreamers on this forum) but they're both based on specific hobbies. But hey, maybe in a few more years we'll start seeing the lines between them blur.


Although we could always try to scrounge up as much good information about tulpas and lucid dreaming as we can, put together a few good techniques for becoming lucid with the help of a tulpa and then pitch it to a few forums. That could potentially get our site some really nice publicity while bringing some already-knowledgeable people into our fancy-pants clubhouse. And then we can all have one, biiiiig collaboration-hug.



Edit: Nevermind, looks like that ball has long since started rolling YET NOBODY HAS DECIDED TO TELL BACN ABOUT THIS.

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train imposition and possession with care and respect.


Don't pleasure yourself too much with tulpamancy.


Tulpamancy should not be use as an escape.


I heartily agree.


The ponies.


Its not a full critique, but those anthropomorphised tulpas are somehow worse than the semi-obvious GF replacement that tulpas can be.


I hear this quite a bit, and also on Reddit, and it puzzles me (in the words of GLaDOS, "I'm not even angry").


What, specifically, have I done that is "worse than the semi-obvious GF replacement"?* I'm not asking ironically - I wish to know so that I can improve.



* I work (yes, on Earth), contribute to society, help people, try to be kind and courteous, attempt to learn, and I think I make a positive contribution with the best reasoned posts I can manage (considering how tired I usually am). I have been thanked a number of times by different people for being either useful or helpful.


Criticism without any details is not constructive, and also impossible to address because there's no indication of what you want changed.


If you're not happy about the pony tulpas, the least you could do is tell us what you object to so we have some idea how to improve? It's not sufficient to say "the ponies" because that's like saying "the humans". Is it really that offensive just looking different?

Please consider supporting Tulpa.info.


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Although I don't agree with them, I understand why some people don't like the idea of pony tulpas. It seems so desperate; getting so attached to the characters that you imagine them into existence. But I find it understandable, although it's hard to imagine for someone who doesn't get so attached. As for the "OC" ponies, I don't get why anyone cares at all. It's really just the form. Maybe all they hear is "PONY" and they flip their shit as a knee-jerk reaction.

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together. <3

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If you're not happy about the pony tulpas, the least you could do is tell us what you object to so we have some idea how to improve? It's not sufficient to say "the ponies" because that's like saying "the humans". Is it really that offensive just looking different?[/size]


I'll try not to go too in-depth into this for fear of people thinking I'm biased (for what it's worth I'm not going to try and defend pony-based tulpas, in fact I'm just writing this to try and puzzle out the reasons for their unpopularity and the surge in their numbers for myself; please bear in mind that this is just me thinking aloud and has very little basis in fact)


I too have seen a lot of negative general comments about brony tulpamancers here and there, and they are almost always connected to at least one of two other thorny issues: young teenage hosts and tulpa sex. Speaking as a brony, I freely admit that a lot of my fandom, particularly some of the younger ones, can be quite socially awkward, they can have difficulty making friends or being accepted by their peers. They have discovered the MLP franchise, and like so many before them they find that it makes them feel happy. Then those of them who frequent 4chan or wherever else people find out about tulpas discover the phenomenon. You can hardly blame them for being enticed by the idea, and what kind of mental partner would make them the most happy? Why, the one thing in their life that makes them feel good right now: a pony. And since 4chan and other sites of it's ilk are littered with immaturity, some of these would-be hosts will run across posts about tulpa sex, and naturally those socially awkward types who also happen to be cloppers (not judging, as long as they keep that to themselves) may start to obsess over the idea.


Hence we may see a potential trend developing of young teens casually creating ponies in their minds instead of trying to make real-world friends, as they consider it a far easier solution that suits their needs better, and some of those will also be sexually awkward enough to consider having sex with them. Now, what you do in the privacy of your own head is, in my honest opinion, entirely your business. What probably ticks people off is that, much like a toddler excitedly trying to show their disinterested parents a shelf full of sweets in a shop, these young hosts feel like it's a good idea to go around telling people how awesome their new tulpa is, and by extension how cool ponies are and how everyone should like them. I can see how other hosts can start to see these kinds of people as some kind of blight on the practice.


As for me... I'm 26, more or less socially capable with a small circle of friends, but yes, I live with two pony tulpas. Why? For the same reason as I stated above: the show and being part of the fandom makes me happy more than anything else I do these days. But I understand that ponies and pony tulpas aren't for everyone, I'm not going to go around shouting about them from the rooftops. I truly apologise if anyone finds even the idea of having pony tulpas offensive or disturbing, but know that the three of us never have, and hopefully never will, do anything against you personally.


As for the "OC" ponies, I don't get why anyone cares at all. It's really just the form. Maybe all they hear is "PONY" and they flip their shit as a knee-jerk reaction.


I wholeheartedly agree with this. In fact, I think that if you must make a pony tulpa, then making one you have created yourself, rather than a facsimile of one of the established characters, is a much wiser, more acceptable option, as it shows more commitment to your tulpa being who they want to be, and not a stand-in (and yes, I realise the irony of this given that my second tulpa has decided to change her form to Lyra, but that was her decision, not mine)

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My somewhat unpopular opinions:


When creating a tulpa, you should not define very many aspects of their personality. I have seen many people do this, and think the personality step is much more important than it actually is. It is overall better to think up a just a few fairly broad personality traits and allow your tulpa to grow from there. I believe that hammering dozens upon dozens of traits into a tulpa is extremely restrictive to the tulpa's free will and is a complete waste of time. The time used for defining personality could be spent on more important things such as narration and establishing communication.


I do not see why people often choose to create tulpae in the form of humans. We see humans every day, all around us. Having a nonhuman tulpa would be much more interesting, as you would, for once, have the chance to interact with a sapient being that does not look like those we have been interacting with all of our lives. Additionally, many animals, cartoon characters, etc., are much easier to visualize than humans, due to the fact that a realistic human face can be hard to visualize for many. Also, when one practices imposition, who wouldn't want a fantasy creature to appear as a real, tangible being?


Finally, I do not believe that Koomer should have given up on Oguigi and left the tulpa community. While he had been through some horrible experiences, it should be noted that he had mentioned on his Tumblr awhile back that Oguigi could no longer possess him. Therefore, he could have lived relatively normally from that point on without giving up on Oguigi. Additionally, it makes me extremely angry that he claimed Oguigi was nothing but a character he had given life by surrendering reason and logic, and that she was never truly real in the first place. That is a purely idiotic statement, as Oguigi had spent months possessing him almost nonstop- that should have been enough to prove to him that she was every bit as real as he is.

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1. In my opinion the relationship between tupper and host don't have to be strictly platonic. As long as both are happy, why should they not be together? But they should discuss one thing: What will they do if the host falls in love with another person? As long as none of them will be hurt it should be completely up to them.


2. I, too, think that there is a limit on how much tuppers are too much. My limit would be 5 tuppers, butI now someone with 14 tuppers, and all of them seem to be ok with that, so why not?


3. That one is ok if the host won't kill his/her tupper after the emotional problems are solved. Some people say it's cruel to create a tulpa just so it can help them with their problems. I don't see why that would be a problem, 'cause when the host keeps the tupper afterwards, they could search for a new reason for her/his existance together. (I don't even see why not having a reason for life is something bad. I was an accident and am as happy as one can be.^^)


4. Probably. That is just the right word. I don't know if living with Ava changes my neural circuitry or brainwave patterns, although I believe so. It would be necessary to research on this to give a correct answer, so I won't even try.

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1) Differing opinions between tulpa and host is not evidence of cognitive dissonance, but rather confusion of a subject, and in fact healthy to debate (or argue) with the tulpa.


2) A little bit of drama in the wonderland (spontaneous or scripted) is not a terrible thing


3) There can in fact be spontaneous events in wonderlands with zero conscious input by the tulpas or creator


4) Three may be evidence of psychological issues relating to stress or depression (or perhaps negative emotions in general)

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1.Letting your tulpas have children is alright.


2. Letting your most trusted tulpa(s) rule your wonderland while you're busy is a good idea.


3. There's no specific number for having too many tulpas.

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I have some...


1. I believe there is a possibility that at a certain point in development a Tulpa can be considered an individual.

I also believe that point is somewhat subjective to however the host and Tulpa feel. I think individuality is dependent on the Tulpa's ability to have a differing opinion and deviate in general. Some people I've met I honestly would not consider an individual based on their robotic responses and whatnot. To say that a Tulpa doesn't have a physical body, therefore it can never be anything more than a next-gen imaginary friend is self-limiting in my opinion. I feel like it can represent a sort of fear of the unknown. "What if my Tulpa could affect something on the physical plane? No, that's too wild." I've read multiple accounts of groups of people creating thoughtforms who were able to make scratching noises on the wall, appear right in front of them, etc. Couldn't a Tulpa do the same at some point?


2. There is nothing wrong with multiple Tulpae as long as you know what you're doing. Each Tulpa requires the utmost care and attention.




3. Every host has a limit to however many Tulpae they can handle. This depends on many factors specific to the host. One person may be able to sustain up to 20, I'm probably going to stop at 5 and some people are comfortable with one. There is no right or wrong answer as long as each one receives the love and attention they deserve.


3. Tulpa knowledge is limited to that of the host for the majority of it's life.

Maybe at one point the Tulpa could tell its host something completely new? I don't know if any veteran hosts could help me out with this one but I think it is possible. I know many monks create Tulpae. I'm sure there is some reason for doing so other than the mental exercise. But, hey, maybe I'm wrong.


And lastly,


4. All of the various online communities involving phenomenon such as Tulpae, Multiples, Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, etc. stem from the same thing: Consciousness. If we came together and tried to figure out how these differ from one another, we could progress further in our endeavors and possibly take Tulpamancy to a new level.

Me: So, talk to me about why I'm your dream boy.

Him: This is going to be a short conversation.

Me: Ha, ha, ha! That's so mean!

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