A second tulpa(?) in my wonderland?

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Good luck! Hopefully everything works out in the end.


Sorry for my poor choice of wording, that was the only words my small brain could think of...

My Tulpa: Miyuki (Gidellom)

Not much progress, I'm in no rush though, we got all the time in the world.

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Just an update, thanks to sheer luck and at the cost of a skull-piercing headache:


It appears "Servitor" is in fact sentient. It was startling how fast I got a vocal response from her, but it was equally as weird that, other than her name, she spoke in only garbled tulpa-speak. It seems that I perceive her differently from Bianca, who's able to get through to me rarely but in good English. She's awful timid now, but I'm sure she said something mischievous when I tried to speak to her because Bianca reacted to her (she pulled a face that said "you have no shame". I think that's what it meant.)


Interacting with her, which is also a whole league different than Bianca's relaxing, but infrequent and largely-spaced surprises, is a challenge. Not in the sense that she doesn't respond, but it seems that she's trying too hard. She spoke to me almost in the first five minutes of forcing, but it was in tulpa-speak and came at the same time as a headache.


She speaks a lot, and most of it comes as auditory hallucinations, but it's at the cost of headaches to kingdom come. It's like having the determination and concentration of a monk trying to speak to her. Just a single slip and the headache peaks, I double over, and then I don't hear anything. In my mind's eye, she's still talking too. I'll need to get used to it; first thing I'll try getting a mutual understanding between us is that she needs to slow down a bit.


The name she chose for herself is Rhea, which is odd, since "Rhea" was the mother of the Olympian Gods in her most popular form. It may have some deeper meaning, maybe. Other than that, I'm glad to have her around, but she seems to have an on/off switch to interaction. About ten minutes into forcing after I got her name, she stopped responding entirely and went to sleep and hasn't woken up yet. Still... progress. It might have been unrealistically fast, I think, but I'm happy it happened.


I'm still not sure what's going to happen, but I feel the situation's resolved itself (to some extent). My opinion on what to do in situations like this in the future (heaven forbid that happens), would be to force the tulpa some more. It's a rewarding experience afterwards, since I'm feeling this gentle afterglow and happiness that I'm pretty sure is coming from Rhea. She was definitely sentient this whole time. Don't quite know how she got so down in the dumps, but I'll ask her in the future.


Thanks for giving input guys; it led to a speedy resolution. Not sure how I'm going to balance forcing Bianca and Rhea, but I think it'll work out. Rhea did stick around for 2 years, even after I stopped interacting with her for long periods of time.

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Congrats Atcheb, for going through with Rhea. I have to say, I am very proud of you too, Rhea, for sticking with him the whole time, and helping the new Bianca develop as a tulpa, even when you believed that you would never have the chance to be treated as a tulpa yourself.

{A tip of my purring cat-hat to both of you}

Chalin System


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