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[Game] Go through the alphabet before someone posts a pony picture


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Kill me, then. Stab me through the heart and watch me bleed onto the tiles beneath our feet, the breezes of the night running through my hair and across the hand that did it. Let me sink to the floor so soundlessly, like you had struck down a bird that couldn't wait to fall. Let me whisper out a few words I meant to speak, let them catch on my lips and streak down in crimson beads I can't stop spitting up. Drop me softly, Jean. When I'm on the ground, letting the heat in my clenched soul dissipate and the shine in my eyes glaze and dull, touch me tenderly on the neck. Remind me what it is to breathe, so I can still the world just a little longer for us. Let me hold on to the world of the living for as long as I can, let me stay long enough to love the warmth you put out. Let me stay long enough to cry.


Let me stay long enough t-to...

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Well, no. I'm going to school for a living, and I hope to be hired at a Gamestop I live near for a paycheck.

I write for a nagging in my soul that asks me to express myself in ways that people find a little too expressive.

There's a reason my PR and tumblr are that way, you know.

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