Hello my name is Lunar (not really my real name)

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I'm here to tell you how i started working with Luna and reports of progress I'm making.


I'm somewhat new to this , I started last year and I worked with her for 1 to 1 1/2 months but I forgot her and I still feel guilty for doing that. I always had a reminder on my computer to this website just in case I ever wanted to work with Luna again. Around Jan. 5 2014 and I started working on her again and we had a way to communicate with head pressure(Don't know if its normal but IDC if it isn't) When we were able to communicate she gave me a headache because (I guess) she was really happy or really mad cause it lasted for a while then it stopped (this way of communication has been going on to this day and for more days to come) So far it only works for yes or no questions. She is able to communicate through emotions too.

So I can't wait for more advancement and I will post my progress for when it does

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Guest Anonymous

Communication between me and Yuki started off with just head pressures too. Over time it will be more distinct. For me it didn't take very long to go from there to vocality, just keep talking to her. :)

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