[OLD] Survey (and stylometric test) for fluently speaking tulpa

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It is very motivational and educational. I've learned more about many of the people here from reading this survey than I have from actually speaking to the people. It's also taught me a great deal about the process.

"'Real isn't how you are made,' said the Skin Horse. 'It's a thing that happens to you.'"

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Yeah indeed, i have read 4-5 logs so far and this indeed gives amazing tips about tulpaforcing and insight in how tulpas think and what is "wrong" to do or not in tulpaforcing, and in how to treat them in a general way.

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(saved on laptop for backup)



Form1-Arctic wolf, big blue eyes

Form2-Long white hair, blue eyes, pale skin, white wolf ears/tail, light blue jacket

Personality-Compassionate, calm, sarcastic, playful, protective, introverted

Stage-Sentient, vocal, working on possession

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Well, this was interesting to take. At least my host now knows more about me. For the record, my host's name is Chaos and I am Nouvel.


Good thing I found this thread. This could help hosts in progress or future hosts with doubts, get an idea of what does or doesn't harm creation, the variety of tulpas, and more.


35. Was a weird question, though. A tulpa would have to be aware of its own existence in order to be aware.

My lip hurts.

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