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Establishing Rules For You Tulpa

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I have established no rules for my Tulpa really, however I am prone to headaches and at that point he should stop speaking. But other than that, nothing else ^_^. He's free to do whatever in my head.

Tulpa's name: Eli


Height: 6'2"

Gender: Male

Form: Humanoid

Sentience: Unknown.

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So I'm wondering when creating your Tulpas did any of you bother to discuss 'rules' with them. Does and don'ts and such.

The idea came to me when I opted to give Sebastian the ability to destroy/shoo away intrusive thoughts while we were talking. His preferred method of doing this is taking a rifle to whatever I'm thinking (figuratively speaking) he puts the image in my head of him shooting whatever the thought is with his sniper rifle.

I laid down the law that he isn't allowed to do this to me unless we are actually engaged in conversation and my mind wanders. Then along he came today out of nowhere and did it. I didn't mind so much because I was thinking depressive thoughts (I suffer pretty severe depression but take meds and see a therapist weekly so I am getting help so no worries <3)

Out of no where there was the image of myself with a blade in my hand cutting myself, him, looking through his scope at me then BAM shooting the blade out of my hand and a firm voice telling me, "Not an option Soldier, not an option."

When it comes to him protecting me from myself in this manner I'm willing to give him all the leniency in the world but it still made me wonder what other rules people had established with there tuppers and how much success they had.


OMG Sebastian sounds awesome! xD Maybe I'll make my first tulpa into Pinkie Pie, and see if I can get her to have the canon personality (of course, I would tell her that she and the Pinkie Pie from tv are different and I'll love her no matter how the original Pinkie Pie changes), and tell her to do the same thing. It would be so epic, seeing her party cannon intrusive/negative thoughts away xD xD

As for rules I would set for my tulpa (or tulpas), I wouldn't really care what they do, because I know they would have my best interests in mind, and they would never harm me anyway unless I wanted them to. Although when I teach them how to switch, I would tell them no switching unless I give them permission to or if my life is in danger and they have an idea to get my out of the situation, and don't make me do anything stupid/embarrasing.

Will list tulpas when I get things sorted out in my head.

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