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Hello, I've just started creating my tulpa 2 days ago and I want to make sure I'm doing nothing wrong because I've become quite attached to my upcoming tulpa.


So far I have a basic idea about what she looks like, and I think I've created a decent wonderland, however I'm afraid for her sentience and personality. You see, I haven't spent a lot of time on her personality (however I got the basic idea) and I'm afraid I'm too late. So far I've experienced some levels of her sentience and I usually feel her presence but I can't tell when I'm parroting (it's on and off with the prism experiment). Sometimes I feel like I'm not giving her enough freedom, however I feel I'm too afraid to so for some reason, I think I need to do a bit more forcing but I wanna make sure I haven't made a grave mistake. I would really appreciate some help and suggestions for my tulpa, I've grown quite attached to her.

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It's pretty difficult to do this kind of thing 'wrong'. Personality doesn't need to be forced at all. There are many members who chose not to develop a personality for their Tulpa and instead just allow them to become who they desire. I too find it incredibly difficult to decide whether I'd been parroting or not, but I believe that the best thing to do in that scenario is to forget it and move on, it just becomes worse if you worry about it. We just pretend that my Tulpa was the one who said it, whether or not I was parroting, as it was often going to be her response anyway.


Over time, your Tulpa's mindvoice will seem more alien to you as the thoughts will be more distinct and unlike your own, the voice will likely change in tone so that it becomes easier to tell your Tulpa's voice from your own. The worst thing you can do it worry about it, try to let go of your fears on parroting and definitely check out some of the guides/tips/submissions on parroting as they can be a large help.


You haven't expanded on how much 'freedom' you're giving her or what you even mean by that, so this is a bit more difficult for me to help with. You need to have faith that your Tulpa wants the best for you and wouldn't do anything to wrong you purposefully. A tulpa deserves to see both the good and bad in you, and as they are a part of you, they deserve to be treated as such. Don't fear your Tulpa, just trust.


You're only on day 2, do not worry yet. Some people experience results quickly, others don't. Allow her to grow and gain her sentience (if she isn't already sentient) and try to narrate as much as possible. Trust, love, and have faith in your Tulpa.

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You haven't expanded on how much 'freedom' you're giving her or what you even mean by that, so this is a bit more difficult for me to help with.

I sort of have a mental block which feels like I'm preventing my tulpa from making decisions on her own a lot of the time, either because I'm afraid of the answer, or she doesn't. I have the mental block mostly to prevent intrusive thoughts concerning her.

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I gave my tulpa a basic form and just forced compassion and humor into her personality and let her figure herself out all on her own. She has been developing fine with that being said. I understand on the freedom thing because I didnt want to be a over authoritative figure to her, more of a really close friend so I treat her the same way i do my friends, no exceptions.


Dont worry about it because your tulpa knows when youre upset and it generally makes them upset as well. Take it a day at a time and have fun with it.

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As Linkzelda would say: "The only mistake you can make while tulpaforcing is not tulpaforcing at all."


You remind me of me, though, always paranoid. ^^

Fear and doubt is your enemy, have faith in your tulpa. If something, be it a voice, an image or simply a raw thought comes randomly and unexpectedly, I always consider it as Martina communicating, as well as times when I think of what should I say, I tell her in my mindvoice, but in the middle of my sentence comes already the reply. That IS Martina, my tulpa, I KNOW it.


If you feel the thought is something you just come up with "delays" a little, don't worry, it's natural.

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You defiantly aren't too late 2 days in you've nothing to worry about. Also try not to worry about parroting, too much.

The worst thing you can is stress out. If you are worried about her personality then just take the time to focus on it, write out the traits you she has and then some reasons why she has them, how they manifest. Make it as detailed as possible.

Good luck!

Sebastian Moran

Form: Human

Age: 37

Literal Birthday: March 1st, 2014

Working On: Vocality

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Two days in is definitely not "too late". In fact, I'd say there really is no such thing as "too late".


My tulpas continue to grow as individuals all the time. And like others said, you don't need to sculpt their personalities yourself. Nearly all my tulpas became who they are by themselves - I didn't create them as any such thing.


But really, the best thing to do for your tulpa is just let them breathe and develop. No need to worry about them.

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