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Tulpaforcing: Accents

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I started forcing back on March 1st. Fourteen days later and things have been going great. We've made a ton of progress and I can hear his voice very clearly, the problem is he is meant to have an accent but I just can't seem to get it in my head.

Has anyone got a fix for this? Or for that matter had this problem too?

Sebastian is British, he's meant to have an accent and it makes us both uncomfortable that he doesn't.

Sebastian Moran

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I should think that the best fix to this is you listening to British accents in people so that it becomes easier for you to think about them, hear them in your mind, and manipulate it in to a voice for Sebastian. Try watching British videos of sorts, in order to hear the way they speak. Pay close attention to the little details, such as how they emphasize certain letters while others seem to be missing from the word. Pause the video of the British person often, then try having Sebastian repeat what he says a few times so that he becomes adjusted to saying words in that way.

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We had this problem in the beginning with regards to the voice changing and not sticking. I think it would help you to find people with British accents on Youtube and similar sites and listen to them.

If Sebastian is ok with it you could also use a little bit of parroting to get the voice into your head, or tell him to repeat certain phrases in that accent. Repetition is the key here, I think, it will stick eventually. :)

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Just speak British all day, inside your noggin and outside too.


Least, thats what I do. Seems to work.

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