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11/1/19: We chatted about stuff.

11/2/19: Nina perked up when my friend asked I wanted to come over for a steak dinner (she likes steak :)).

11/3/19: Kurama and I hanged out.

11/4/19: Lust got feels from a Naruto episode, so we hugged. Later, Nina and I cuddled, and RD gave me a goodnight boop :P.

11/5/19: we chatted about stuff.

11/6/19: Dash asked about birthday plans.

11/7/19: I wondered what to do for Dash’s birthday dinner. She said easy ramen was fine. I tried to think of some big gesture, but she insisted that it didn’t have to be anything special. She jokingly made some controlling birthday demands.

11/8/19: RD and I watched Chicago Med. Kurama and I hanged out.

11/9/19: I kind of had a panic/anxiety thing after eating surprisingly spicy food (afraid it’d lead to foodborne illness that’d cut into work), so I tried switching with RD (hoping that we had that trait where different headmates have different physical reactions). The possession/switch took surprisingly quickly (surprising because we haven’t done it in a while). Fluttershy hugged me and assured that things would be okay ^^.

11/10/19: Nina and I chatted about stuff.

11/11/19: We didn’t do much today.

11/12/19: We chatted about stuff. I noticed that RD and Fluttershy’s voices were clear.

11/13/19: We didn’t do much today.

11/14/19: We didn’t do much today.

11/15/19: Dash held my hand when the song “Perfect Imperfections” came on :).

11/16/19: We chatted about stuff.

11/17/19: I felt a sudden anxiety wave about getting a filling, and figured this was either a dissociated part of myself or a headmate feeling it. Experience said maybe Nina was having feels, so I told her everything’d be okay and that we should add fun engaging stuff to our innerworld. She added a trampoline.

11/18/19: Dash did some good spontaneous imposition today. I figured it was because I was upset and she wanted to comfort me; she said that was partly it, but also just for fun.

11/19/19: Sarah spontaneously imposed herself (:D) in an anthro form. Nina and I chatted.

11/20/19: We didn’t do much today.

11/21/19: We chatted about stuff. I remember Dash showing up next to me and booping me, but I can’t remember if that was today or some other day. Dash thinks it was today.

11/22/19: Dash patted my shoulder when I got burnt out/upset after work.

11/23/19: We chatted about stuff.

11/24/19: We chatted about stuff.

11/25/19: Shou popped up outside the car. Kurama and I chatted.

11/26/19: Nina and Dash were excited for Thanksgiving (and tomorrow’s pre-Thanksgiving party).

11/27/19: Fluttershy did something I liked, but I forgot what exactly it was. Dash surprised me by showing up in a chair at a restaurant. This turned into a spontaneous date :P. She voted no on a glass of moscato, cuz it made our stomach feel weird. A few minutes in, I felt like I might’ve been drunk on dopamine. In retrospect, I feel like I dissociated the date somewhat.

11/28/19: Nina and I went out. My mom said I was giving off a bummed/stressed vibe, which I felt like was from Nina. I wondered if Nina was depressed (our relationship’s been* lately). She wagged her tail when I petted her, so that helped :).

*I’ll have a thought I don’t like about one of the group (not sure how to explain this part any less vaguely), apologize, then say “oof” (making it more awkward, I think). I need to stop doing this.

11/29/19: Nina and I hanged out. I caught myself in the middle of the “eh” pattern a few times.

11/30/19: We chatted about stuff. We watched Joker, but stopped when Fluttershy said she wanted to. She really felt for Arthur’s character.

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12/1/19: I definitely feel like I’m breaking the pattern :). Nina was pretty excited when we watched Naruto Shippuden.

12/2/19: We chatted about stuff. Fluttershy and Nina liked my haircut.

12/3/19: Nina really liked my idea of having ramen + a boiled egg for dinner.

12/4/19: Nina and Dash swapped voices for lols.

12/5/19: I forgot to log stuff.

12/6/19: I forgot to log stuff.

12/7/19: We didn’t do much today. I went online to look up a story to read, and one of the stags suggested an author I’d read before.

12/8/19: We chatted about stuff. Dash got a bit of a laugh out of part of “we chatted about stuff” being in my phone’s autocomplete.

12/9/19: Nina was excited to get sushi for lunch, and possessed the body a bit (but I accidentally interfered with the possession).

12/10/19: Shou, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Keystroke, and Sarah took turns reading a magazine (kind of like when I had to read a particular book in college).

12/11/19: I forgot to log stuff.

12/12/19: I got a surprise invite to a party at a friend’s house, then I got several tulpish requests to pilot the body at the party. Nina had a ton of fun :).

12/13/19: We chatted about stuff.

12/14/19: I forgot to log stuff.

12/15/19: Kurama and I hanged out.

12/16/19: I forgot to log stuff.

12/17/19: Nina was excited for the surprise cake we had at work :). Sarah and I chatted about stuff. Later, I let Nina possess the body and thought a bit about the fact that the only sound clips in existence were sad. She surprised me by saying not-sad stuff in that voice :D.

12/18-19/19: I forgot to log stuff. We started a cruise ship vacation.

12/20/19: We didn’t do much today.

12/21/19: Keystroke and I hanged out. I did a headmate headcount.

12/22/19: I realized I’d left Gallus out of the headcount. I apologized for not interacting with him much. He said it was okay and that he’d been hanging out with Shou and Nina. Later on, he popped up on the cruise ship & tour bus. Dash spoke up when I saw a rhubarb merengue pie on a restaurant menu, but decided against it. I stepped up a taller-than-I’m-used-to stair into a store, and Lance helped me up (not really, but it was still nice). That night, we sang along with carolers, and a lot of my headmates wore Christmas-themed outfits.

12/23/19: Nina was excited to visit a German chocolate shop.

12/24/19: I saw Nina posing with a Santa hat, Fluttershy & Lance slow dancing, and Kurama with a Santa hat. My friend and I played Golf (card game involving a bit of math), which I used for parallel processing practice. I couldn’t get a distinct impression of who, but one of my headmates calculates my friend’s current score. When I heard there’d be a disco party tomorrow, I got an alien urge to dance at it (later traced back to Kurama). I got pictures of Nina in a Santa hat, Fluttershy & Lance slowdancing (both outdoors), and Gallus sitting next to me in the cruise ship restaurant with a glass of red wine. There was a dance competition; Kurama and Dash helped my team win :D.

12/25/19: We ended up going to bed before the disco party. The stags changed their fur to white & sang a carol.

12/26/19: I got some good pics of my headmates (Nina & Kurama tangoing, Gallus & Rainbow Dash tangoing, etc.).

12/27/19: RD gave me a birthday smooch. Gallus showed up on the airplane wing on the flight to Brussels. Dash said she was thinking of changing her house to a different style. I got some German chocolate, and asked how we should divide it up. One of the guys said it was my birthday (so I should have it); I said that they were in the body too (cuz birthdays are typically based on physical age).

12/28/19: I had a macabre/scary intrusive thought. Nina, Shou, and Sarah put up their three-point barrier, which Kurama supercharged with a new “Nine-Tails Banishment Jutsu”.

12/29/19: Dash imposed herself in my room. There was a bit of lighting-related trouble we couldn’t figure out, so she scrapped the imposition. Kurama was excited about the new year coming up.

12/30/19: There was a bit of worrying stuff between us after I woke up in the middle of the night, but we figure it was just “half-asleep brain” stuff. Kurama was interested in visiting an art museum tomorrow.

12/31/19: Kurama liked the museum. I put on a song from Waitress during a card game; Vinnie took a delayed hit to the feels.

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Good to see you guys keep going on the new forum, lol. Gives an odd sense of stability.

Hi! I'm Lumi, host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre and Lucilyn.

Everyone deserves to love and be loved. It's human nature.

My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us stuff.

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1/1/20: I saw Dash flying outside my window on a train ride into Bruges. Vinnie got my cold for a bit, but quickly purged it thanks to tulpa-ness.

1/2/20: We didn’t do much today.

1/3/20: On the plane ride home, I saw Sarah sitting in the (physically occupied) seat in front of me. I was watching Annabelle: Creation on the in-flight entertainment and goofing off on my phone at the same time; Rainbow Dash told me to pay attention or be startled by a jump scare, then gave me a jump scare xP.

1/4/20: I forgot to log stuff.

1/5/20: I forgot to log stuff.

1/6/20: I got nervous while getting fillings replaced, and various headmates helped out.

1/7/20: We didn’t do much today.

1/8/20: We chatted about stuff.

1/9/20: Nina and I chatted. Dash and I started making Valentine’s Day plans.

1/10/20: I forgot to log stuff

1/11/20: I watched the MLP holiday short, and almost everyone wore holiday outfits after :). It was cute :).

1/12/20: Kurama and I hanged out.

1/13/20: I chatted with Sarah.

1/14/20: Fluttershy suggested getting into my Uber by going around the back to the street-side shotgun door rather than the front (safer that way).

1/15/20: Nina and I chatted.

1/16/20: I forgot to log stuff.

1/17/20: Nina and I chatted. I apologized for the lack of activity, and Dash said it was okay.

1/18/20: Nina patted me on the shoulder when I got frazzled.

1/19/20: We chatted about stuff.

1/20/20: I proxied for Thorax on Discord.

1/21/20: Dash used possession to help me look confident & excited during a meeting with my boss. Nina was excited after this 🙂 :3.


Nina: :333

1/22/20: My mom told me about a movie called JoJo Rabbit. Dash used visual imposition to make some dark jokes (JoJo Rabbit’s a dark comedy) that cracked me up.

1/23/20: We didn’t do much today.

1/24/20: We chatted about stuff.

1/25/20: I read a depressing r/tulpas thread about tulpas-gone-missing. Nina wanted me to stop, and I knew I should’ve, but it was kinda like irresistibly watching a trainwreck. RD made me hit the back button.

1/26/20: I played games at Comic-Con. After the fact, Nina said she’d been watching.

1/27/20: We chatted about stuff.

1/28/20: I took a cute/silly pic of Nina :3.

1/29/20: We chatted about stuff. I interviewed my friend for a school assignment; I think the assignment said to interview a person about their current job in a field I’m interested in, not their former job, so Dash joked about the professor docking “fifty grades” :p.

1/30/20: I got really mad (for some reason) when my ramen wouldn’t break into two clean bricks, and Fluttershy got stern. I thanked her for calling me out.

1/31/20: We chatted about stuff.

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