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Talking ...maybe?

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I've been doing this for a while and I can hear my tulpa.....i think.....whenever i pay attention to Luna (She chose that name) i can hear her but when I stop paying attention to her she stops Is this her or a trick..sorta?

Any help would be appreciated.

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I don’t know how long you’ve been into this, but when it comes to something like awareness, especially in the initial stages, we may not necessarily be bothered to listen to our tulpas because we’re fixated on other things occupying our time. I know it’s obvious, but it may take a while before an individual can expand their awareness while being able to do multiple things. It’s not every day we go through the mannerisms in public, and such where others may think we’re talking to ourselves, or thinking too hard.


Sometimes I go through the whole day without talking to Eva and Ada, one reason is because of work, and me being too busy to have meaningful side conversations during that time. But that’s just me, I rather invest some time talking to them, instead to have to stop short to take care of something else, and occasionally forget what we were on about.


However, even with that, sometimes I find myself seeing them express themselves non-verbally, but distinguishing what may be a physical reflex, or a sudden change in composure and tonality is done through trial and error. I constantly find subtle things almost every day that gives a bit more assurance on something that Eva, or Ada would typically do. Especially when typing, I sometimes might have to backspace on something, because they're probably trying to insert a little comment to shock me every now and then.


I wouldn’t presume it’s a trick that your tulpa isn’t making you be made privy to. It would be a leap of faith to presume the intentions behind the lack of communication where you don’t put much attention to them as a trick on their end, or elaborate scheme from your mind to pester you. Keep going through the motions whenever you can find time to pay attention, things may come by naturally over time.

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