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Report on Tulpamancing Advice from the Survey for fluently speaking tulpa





((If anyone has comments or advice on improving formatting or presentation, etc. please let me know. Thanks, Narius.))


There have been a significant number of responses to the Survey (and stylometric test) for fluently speaking tulpa. As I was browsing through it, question number 109 caught my eye.


109. What advice would you give to a new tulpa creator?


I thought wow, there must be some good advice here with so many tulpa creators! So I read though them all for the various answers to the question. A few chose not to answer, or had replied to an earlier version without the question. However, over 60 did!


As I looked a the information I saw much advice reiterated or spoken in different ways. I read through the answers and kept track of each piece of advice and how many times it was given. I have taken the liberty of listing the answers citing the most common suggestions first. I tried to edit as little as possible but I did make a few edits for clarification. I hope this serves as a reference for those who don't have time to read over all 60 surveys.


Remember these are suggestions, and may not be work for everyone. However, this does give a good sense of what has worked for many!


Tulpamancing Advice Report


Compiled and Edited by NariusV - From survey results as of 3/28/2014


Introduction, some comments about dis-belief and tulpas.


If you are going about this just to test if it is true, it probably won't work and you'll walk away thinking you proved something.

Some skepticism is fine, but if you go into it thinking there's no way this is real, then nothing will come out of it.

You can have a hyper-detailed form an personality, but that won't be anything more than an idea if you don't believe in their sentience.


Advice for Tulpamancers, Top Ten


1. (29) Believe in yourself and in your tulpa. Trust your tulpa, and assume they are there! This is the key to success above all else.


2. (17) Be regular about your forcing sessions. Spend time and talk with your tulpa. If you are wondering about whether to force or not, force more! Always keep forcing, and do not be afraid to work on your tulpa too much. Don't make your tulpa wait for you. Do your best to reach out to them as often as you can. Pay lots of attention to your tulpa. Devote consistent attention to your tulpa. Do not neglect your tulpa. Listen closely if you think they are trying to talk. Be prepared to share everything with them.


3. (15) Don't be mean, or scornful towards your tulpa. Don't treat your tulpa like a doll or imagine they are 'just an aspect of yourself'. Treat your tulpa as one of your own family, as a close friend. Don't stifle their development based on your preconceived notions. Recognize your tulpa as existing as soon as possible. Treat your tulpa like a sentient being. Be honest with yourself, and your tulpa. Tell your tulpa exactly what they are from the start; don't keep it a secret from them. Be kind to your tulpa.


4. (12) Stay dedicated to your tulpas creation. Take it seriously and do not quit. Never, ever give up, no matter what! Be persistent, stay consistent, and do not lose faith.


5. (10) Go with the flow. Do what you think is right, what feels natural and comfortable. Enjoy the process, and every minute spent with your tulpa. Have fun!


6. (10) Be patient with the process. Don't worry about rushing through, and go at your own pace, and do not worry about hour counts.


7. (9) Do not worry, seriously! Do not fear anything. Don't stress over the process, or be discouraged.


8. (8) Love your tulpa with all your being!


9. (3) Avoid distractions for unimportant things. Stay off the internet and IRC if you have to. Get that forcing time in!


10. (2) Be confident in your tulpa, and in yourself.


Other advice for tulpa creation


Give your tulpa lots of hugs.

Force with an open mind.

Let your tulpas thoughts flow into you.

Take everything you get with enthusiasm.

Make a wonderland.

Give you tulpa a familiar form (makes it easier to visualize)

Work out personality.

Get involved with the community early on.

Think about what you are trying to achieve and think about how to achieve it.

Drink orange juice (it has helped many tulpamancers concentrate better.)

Include compassion as a trait.

Be open to new experiences.



What to do if you get stuck (Educating Yourself)


If something isn't working... try something new!

Ask questions if you need to.

Read the guides, but tweak them so they work for you.

Try out your own things.

Read everything you can.

Remember all your successes (maybe keep a tulpa journal.)

Go by what the people in #Tulpa Info chat say.

Adjust your self and your tulpa and try different things.


Comments about tulpa creation


It's hard to mess up.

There is really no wrong way to make a tulpa.

If you feel something.. there is a high chance it is your tulpa.

You literally cannot mess up.


About forcing and tulpa creation


Tulpa creation is easy to blow off, but trust me- you won't waste any time if you are determined from the get-go.

It (Tulpa Creation) takes time but pays off exponentially in the end.

It may be frustrating, but it's worth it.


A few comments about tulpas


Your tulpa is special.

Your tulpa will come when they feel ready and have the chance.

They are more sentient than you think.


A few comments about parroting


Do not think you are parroting.

You are not parroting unless you do it on purpose!

If you do, doubt and parroting are not deal breakers.

Even more, if you’re parroting there’s a really good chance it’s your tulpa – especially if the words are coming out before you’re done with the sentence.

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I went ahead and put this in Tips because Resources -> ???. If someone is opposed to this then they can do me the courtesy of explaining how this submission is not a list of tips in some way.

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A few comments about parroting


Do not think you are parroting.

You are not parroting unless you do it on purpose!

If you do, doubt and parroting are not deal breakers.

Even more, if you’re parroting there’s a really good chance it’s your tulpa – especially if the words are coming out before you’re done with the sentence.



he always thought i was answering myself

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If a tulpa responds or reassures you, does that mean he's sentient yet? Or can he give responses and not yet be sentient?

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Well, it looks like I was doing almost everything right in the creation process. Though if I might add something, it helps to remind your tulpa a lot that you share a body, it gives a good sense of purpose and realism to both of you. And to answer Furry's question, if your tulpa is giving you responses, they are definatley sentient.

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"You are not parroting unless you do it on purpose!"

Hmm.. sometimes when I am manufacturing a response I didn't deliberately orchestrate that exact response, but I know I am puppeting. This happens from the get-go. It's sort of similar to how you get annoying visual glitches. Sometimes these visuals are your tulpa saying certain things or doing certain things. Mine was on repeat an hour ago for a second there. It wasn't exactly me, but it wasn't my tulpa.

My lip hurts.

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Parroting can be a pretty tricky subject. I don't think that saying there is no unintentional parroting might not exactly be true and intrusive thoughts can always happen, which probably wouldn't be classified as puppeting or parroting. Your average Joe might not do unintentional parroting as effortlessly and easily, which is why telling them that they're probably not doing it can be useful, as that very well might be the truth. Of course, we don't know if tuppers actually are nothing more than automatic parrots - but hey, at that point they're doing everything any other person is doing well enough for us to not see a difference, so maybe there isn't a difference and that's what sapience is.


But I know some people have actually done unintentional parroting in a way that has annoyed the tupper as well, so it hasn't really been a good thing for them. In your case, the repeats sound more like just weird intrusive thoughts you might be able to stop by chilling and calming your mind. You might just be describing it in a way that sounds like it and it's actually the case of unintentional parroting. If your tupper's vocal and you believe their words, you can always ask them. Parroting would of course be you making them say things against their will. If it's just a voice or a copy that looks and sounds like the tupper but actually isn't, that to me is more like an intrusive thought.

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