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Your tulpa's first words?

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My host was reading about using symbolism during forcing and how pretty much any symbolism works so long as you believe in it, I heard that and suggested "You could hit me with trucks." And now that's the first full phrase he heard me say.


If you're wondering, I didn't take Red up on that. Figured insurance fraud and tulpa forcing don't mix.

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Terra's First words was hello cause i said hello to her

The host speaks in normal colors 

Terra speaks in this greenish Blue

"Science is not about why it's why NOT"-Cave Johnson(Crazy Person)

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SheShe (Darlene) was first and the first official words she said were smth like: 


"Hello. If you intend to follow this path then you must understand, there are others."


Yep, I was one of the others. 😁

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