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What video games are good to play with a tulpa who cannot do possession yet?

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Games where you have to search for shit or decide things.


Coparei made an excellent suggestion now that I think more about it. The hidden object games, like those from Big Fish games which my wife plays so often, would be well suited for a tulpa I think. Many of these games are not timed, but they are all about concentration and perception. The imagery or tones of the games might also influence a tulpa's development (but that last part is just a guess on my part).


Chess is also an interesting suggestion.

my thoughtform = Isis

her appearance = stylized rabbit with dark fur and glowing eyes

her developmental stage = imaginary friend

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A point-and-click like Monkey Island would probably be great.

'Course I doubt you kids know what that genre is.


Heh, we dug out our old copy of Full Throttle for this reason. Also Pajama Sam, because Pajama Sam is timeless.

"You've got to believe to achieve." -Hank Hill

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