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Kinda weird to actually meet someone who truly prefers the day and dislikes the night, all my life I've only met the opposite even though people seem to associate daylight with happiness


Also cute

I haven't done any Blender in days, nor that motivation training I was trying. Though theoretically it was meant to be able to be picked back up regardless...

Hi! I'm Lumi, host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre and Lucilyn.

Everyone deserves to love and be loved. It's human nature.

My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us stuff.

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I used to prefer the night but then at some point I just noticed how much it affects my biology and the only reason I prefered the night was because I could be alone. I guess it has a cool atmosphere though, but it is like seasonal affective disorder is kicking my bottom


And thanks. I hope you are able to pick it back up


draw or sleep....

Edited by TB

Creation for creation's sake.


More of my drawings

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tomorrow morning I will try my first wellbutrin. i wonder what it will do this time. hope it doesn't ruin me

Creation for creation's sake.


More of my drawings

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4 hours ago, Breloomancer said:

sometime I feel like I am just a passive observer as I watch my life spiral the toilet, but then I remember that really I'm a passive observer as I watch the whole world spiral the toilet, and it makes me feel...

Don't forget you're also a passive observer as you watch the entire universe spiral the toilet!

2nd law of thermodynamics is a bitch, the arrow of time points towards inevitable demise.



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people who look to god for meaning are so naive. I've talked to goddess, I know why I was put here, and I cannot say that it was for a meaningful reasons. I don't know the meaning of it all, but what I do know, is that you're not going to find it by looking down to the heavens or up to the other heavens. if you want to find meaning on earth, you're going to have to look for it on earth

I have a tulpa named Miela who I love very much.


"People put quotes in their signatures, right?"


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15 hours ago, TB said:



The depression of the sun going down is palpable

just live in the arctic circle

Aubrey (they/them) speaks like this and Shield (they/them) speaks like this... haha just kidding. Ah, memories.

Our profile picture is of Shield, because that's who mostly uses this account...

[the outdated lore]

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