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[Game] Last one to post wins!


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9 minutes ago, TB said:

Yeah I wonder if it will be another poop show like my previous forum posts. I don't know if you've been around for that


If they happened before 2021 I wouldn't have been around for it yet. But if you think what you want to post will stir up drama and do more harm than good, you may want to hold off for now. But my offer still stands if you want to PM mem about it first. If you do, I can tell you whether IMO it's a good idea to post or not. Or you can just post it anyway, I ain't your mama 😄

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You know what's better than reading? Reading two books at once.


Right now, I'm half way through the final book of the encyclopædia goetica and 2/3 through (h)aurorae. The latter has some incredibly beautiful art.







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2 hours ago, TB said:

even bacteria is known to try to move desperately away from danger 


things more than humans experience emotions. if you've ever owned a dog you would know the dog obviously has emotions 


I've seen bugs run away in terror to things trying to crush it. they obviously don't want that to happen, so why shouldn't we respect that? morality is often so human centric. being a humanist ends up being very bad for not humans so I don't consider myself to be one 


we maybe are more complex than animals (bugs) but why does that mean morality applies only to us? should an even more complex alien not consider us in their morality? What is the cut off point and why? bugs will appear to experience distress if you mess with them (which I know by experience) 


I ask genuinely. I think the answer is that it would be too hard for a human to care about everything all the time to equal amounts so we have to cut certain things out of the picture. Humans also have trouble experiencing empathy to things not like other humans. It doesn't have to do at all with bugs not caring about dying because they do. it is just one of those realities that just suck and one should choose to not think about otherwise you'd go insane. Poor bugs...


I only said the feelings weren't complex enough for bugs and to some extent most fish, AFTER consideration


most animals definitely show signs of emotion/suffering, but we can literally dissect brains or measure brain waves and chemicals, so we know a lot of or basically all of the stuff that we consider bad feelings in a human brain isn't present in bugs or again, most fish (they just have the "get away from bad" feeling, which is up to you if you want to respect)


all the morality of like "a bug doesn't WANT to die, so why should we kill it?" literally IS human centric, only humans can consider morality

to the bug, it is simply alive and then it isn't, only a human can ponder the "meaning" to that (meaning itself is also human-made and human-acknowledged only)


but yeah, lots of animals function similarly enough to us, like dogs or rabbits, that even if their brains aren't quite as complex we can still empathize and so we still want to avoid their suffering

or at least, most people do...


and the "cut-off" for not caring about something that's brain is less complex than yours is relative to whatever you want, but the difference in humans and bugs is MASSIVE, so the equivalent in aliens wouldn't just be them being more technologically advanced, they'd basically need to live in an extra dimension than us


and if they did and they saw human life as literally as important as random ants in their scale of consciousness, then they would be as justified in killing us as we are in killing bugs, but the extent they'd have to be beyond us is basically impossible to even imagine

way more likely is we're more like dogs or rabbits to super-intelligent aliens, and MOST COOL PEOPLE don't like killing dogs or rabbits or letting them suffer, so y'know


we also personally avoid stepping on bugs when out and about and only kill them when they come into our home, which we do our best to not make easy to do on accident too




there's a Rick & Morty episode about an extra-dimensional being that visits their universe and it's revealed at the end those beings consider life like humans in this universe to be equivalent to cancer in the multiverse and so exterminate them whenever they're found, but Morty kills it with some fancy disintegration gun before it can go back to its realm


which is like, touching on the subject I mentioned, except that a higher-dimensional being that considers humanity ants or less wouldn't just be communicating and existing all normally on a human level, they'd probably be considered god-like by humans

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Hi, I'm one of Lumi's tulpas! I like rain and dancing and dancing in the rain and if there's frogs there too that's bonus points.

I think being happy and having fun makes life worth living, so spreading happiness is my number one goal!

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good morning


I don't think that our understanding of bug brains is nearly as sophisticated as you think it is, Lucilyn. we mainly estimate intelligence based on behavior. like, octopodaes are intelligent because they have demonstrated tool use and ability to plan ahead, while clams are dumb because they don't have any behaviors that seem complex like that. but we don't actually know what they're thinking. for all we know, they could have a rich and complex internal world, and the reason why their behaviors are so simple is because they're only half paying attention to the outside world. and just looking at the brain wouldn't give you the whole picture either, even if we did have a good understanding of them, because some plants have demonstrated surprisingly sophisticated behaviors despite totally lacking anything we would classify as a nervous system. further, why should moral weight be based on intelligence anyway? also, I don't think that most people even do base moral weight off intelligence; most people would be more upset if someone close to them died than someone they don't know, and most people would be more upset if a dog died than an octopus, even though octopodaes are just as or perhaps more intelligent than dogs. I think that people really assign moral weight to things based on how relatable they are, and then they say that it's based on intelligence because more intelligent animals are generally more relatable, and it sounds less arbitrary to base things off of intelligence than relatability

I have a tulpa named Miela who I love very much.


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Our big discussion hours 


I realized my statement went beyond what was relevant to what you were saying but I kept it anyway. Still interesting things to figure out 


also good morning. I don't have a day and I blew my weekend on dissociating and watching YouTube or talking to friend. so much for drawing

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Creation for creation's sake.


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