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very weird though I finished this glass looking inside of it very closely and there isn't any I can see. I saw a couple of very very tiny speck things but idk

Creation for creation's sake.


More of my drawings


Resident Dojikko

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8 minutes ago, Bear said:

They're feeding off the hose probably. Something isn't sterile or is made of organic substances such as vinyl. Alternatively the hose was previously contaminated by something that gets past the filter. Filters aren't perfect. The only perfect denomination is distillation and even that can be bypassed if lighter compounds are in the water, in effect boiling off before the water or with the water.

Yes it was most likely the hose. It was ordinary lab water, not supposed to be extremely pure but still it was ridiculous that what came out after the filter was worse than the tap water that entered it. Also yes, biofilms are everywhere and they're extraordinary tough. The bacteria often sit in some extracellular matrix which shields them from exposure to anything you apply to get rid of them. Usually throwing away the infested component is the only option. Sucks if the component is part of your body.

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6 minutes ago, Bear said:

Can't beat that cronch that only comes from cockroaches baked in your cereal.




Limited high protein edition.

It's probably healthier than without the roaches.

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