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They also have the very loved belting experience of "Oops! All Dramatically Oversized Boxes!" I think that about covers it. another notable fact is the existence of tiny boxes that I believe the contents are a brick of lead. I think I'm damaging my hands by gripping them so hard with my fingers. my fingers are actually really swollen =[ 

I also am covered in damage. gonna become a verteran hopefully I don't get a purple heart 💜 Tim has had multiple concussions and other injuries on this job that sent him to the hospital. thankfully my injuries amount to small cuts and bruises. I've had a few boxes fall on my head and one time on my face, thankfully it was short distance or the box was relatively light. feels weird that I'm literally just lucky. like lead bricks get stacked on high on some skids. I'm surprised no one has died doing this job


by the way my bruise is literally caused be just simply picking up a box and have it rest on my bicep. the weight of it pushing on my arm bruised me. I always thought you needed to be hit. first time getting one just from pressure. it was the edge though  



I gotta avoid posting multiple times in a row I guess so here is something unrelated. I just saw my clothesless body in a mirror and wow I really let myself go... I hate it so much... okay counting calories you say? idk how to do that with food that is made by cooking, only can do with boxed food or whatever. however there are these huge muffins at work and they said 720 calories or something. maybe I will eat one everyday for breakfast, then a salad for lunch and that's it. hopefully that covers my nutrients especially if I get a multivitamin. That should make me lose weight. how fast? idk. but that's what we're going to do. oh, and stop drinking so much pop... maybe to be nice a pop once a week. ugh I gotta say bye to hot chocolate as well? ugh. but ok

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oh. it says calories on things like eggs too? or mushrooms? I never saw it before I think ..

but yeah it is crazy. I'm ectomorphic and all my life I was made fun of for being skinny and everyone would note it. I was always super light. I could suck my stomach in and youd see all my ribs and my stomach go back to basically my spine. how do I go from that to this. I hate that I started medicine it ruined my good body... I have to lose weight while medicine messes up my metabolism, what a fight

Creation for creation's sake.


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Resident Dojikko

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it won't necessarily say the calories on everything, but if it doesn't say on the packaging, you should be able to look it up easily

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16 hours ago, TB said:

considering Rena is 5 years old I would hope I am past early tulpamancy 


just to be sure what do you mean by superficial 


I consider it early development still if you guys aren't having fulfilling/convincing experiences


superficial as in totally pointless thoughtless filler talk with no thought behind it, though I WOULD say you guys are a little past that based on what Rena has said

you could definitely still improve vocality, though


5 hours ago, TB said:

Also I'm so sick of humankind my fear came true. I knew if I ever got a job or some other form of income everyone will want it from me. Gotta give my friend money. my dad wants money from me, his girlfriend wants money from me. I almost am half way through2 weeks worth of paycheck money that just goes to everyone else and not me. this is sickening. and no if I say no people start getting upset and beg me and try to guilt trip me or say they will pay me back with more money than I gave but Idk how much I can trust that. I'll become a hitman and start with my family then my friends


I WARNED you already, you won't be able to give money away until you've gotten yourself to a better place, literally house-wise but also job-wise! You can't afford to be giving money out yet because your job is ridiculous and your living situation hasn't improved


you need to be stricter and tell people you will help them out once you've gotten your footing, but neither you nor them will ever get out of your ruts if you give people down on their luck "some money, here and there"


there's a reason people are where they are, and it will likely take a lot more help than scraps to really help them out, just like how you have to be working so much harder than you ever have to get out

don't let them take away your progress before you can afford to help though, it's literally better for all the people you want to help if YOU can get your footing first, once you're living safely and healthily and your job isn't gonna kill you then you can start helping a lot, which is a good goal for humans IMO, but you have to get to a better position first



also no egg cartons don't have calories on them as far as I know but you can easily google calories for most standalone foods like eggs, or mcdonalds egg mcmuffin, a mcdonalds coke, etc. etc.

some things you'll just have to estimate, though you can often look up something similar (but calories will be off by some amount for different versions of food)


counting calories is where the power is, not in being perfectly accurate, it basically just means paying attention to what you eat and it'll help even if you do it imperfectly compared to letting yourself get away with whatever "because you don't know the calories"


and again, NO super fast weight loss with severe calorie restriction, even if you manage it you will just gain it back when your fervor fades (and you'll lose muscle)

eat 400-800 less calories than you currently do per day and stay to that strictly and you will lose weight, and if after 3-5 months you've stopped losing weight at that calories per day but you still weigh more than you want, then lower it by another 200-400 calories per day


don't underestimate how well this will work, you don't need to starve yourself to lose weight, you just need to consistently eat a little less than you have been until now

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I think being happy and having fun makes life worth living, so spreading happiness is my number one goal!

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