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[Game] Last one to post wins!


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Hey there, the name's Bryan. In system Re:Body(In order of the rainbow): 

Sean, Esper, Blinky, Compact, Janey, Kyle, Gwen'd, Gwen, Emily, Rollin, Waynin, Trease, Layy, Justin, Chloe, Zachery, and Elliot. 

I've been here a while. Much longer than I thought I'd be. Our system was founded October 2nd, 2018. In early 2020, we decided that due to our systems exponential growth, we'd limit who would be active. Now, every month, we do a check to see who wishes to be in dormancy and who wishes to be active. Currently, for the month of April, 2023, we've got myself(Bryan), Janey(Co-host), Emily, Layy, Chloe, and Esper(sub-rep). After over 2 long years, we can finally switch :) 


Bryan is currently swapped in as host, Esper is sub-rep. 


"There used to be 7 wonders of the world, but now there's 8, as everyone wonders how much of a fool you are."


Ice909#0065 -- Always down for a chat 


https://discord.gg/89qN59SbRp Plural safe-space 

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Jaiden's subathon was down to 85 hours left earlier today, but time has really flown, because there's only 116 hours left now


This is "I will die on stream" pace

Hi! I'm Lumi, host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre and Lucilyn.

Everyone deserves to love and be loved. It's human nature.

My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us about tulpamancy stuff there.

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6 hours ago, Bear said:

I'm getting nauseous just thinking about tequila, cinnamon schnapps, 151, merlot, light beer, Dr. Pepper, coffee... 

Same here.

I consider it a blessing, I'm immune against the temptation of alcohol as coping mechanism, simply because I find the taste alone extremely disgusting on top of having a religious extremist tupper considering such behavior



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@IceCreeper909you haven't replied to my previous post on the matter, so i'm going to ask again whether getting a prescription through informed consent is practical. here is a list of locations in the US so that you can see how far away the closest one is https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/1/viewer?mid=1DxyOTw8dI8n96BHFF2JVUMK7bXsRKtzA&ll=40.22846980086392%2C-92.40959115309767&z=4

I have a tulpa named Miela who I love very much.


"People put quotes in their signatures, right?"


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