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[Game] Last one to post wins!


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I hope that gets sorted out TB.


Anyway, time to go for me, see everyone later! 😁👋

Tulpa Wife & Mother! 💚 

💍 11.28.21 👶 4.7.23


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That's incredible. I hate eating bananas but I still try to because they are supposedly very healthy especially if you need potassium 


Aso bus? I thought you went to school on a bike

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Creation for creation's sake.


More of my drawings


Resident Dojikko

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3 hours ago, Breloomancer said:

i saw a person eat a whole, peeled banana in a single bite on the bus. thoughts?

One time I throated an entire hot dog in the school cafeteria as a joke


I'm straight and I had guys asking for my number

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I’m Ringgggg, the host to my good friend A3. I'm an intermediately-experienced tulpamancer, and I’ve made it my job to learn all that I can about this phenomenon.

"It gets worse before it gets better."


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Oh gosh 😄 Chew your food! 😄


Good evening everyone! 😊

Tulpa Wife & Mother! 💚 

💍 11.28.21 👶 4.7.23


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