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Basically, matsuri booked their flight and they're coming the day after my birthday!!! (next week) also, I passed a very important exam with a good grade

ajfsakdgklsd i am so heckin' excited!!

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Happy first day of spring, y'all! Hope everyone gets nice weather, it's already hot as balls here 🥲


Congrats on your exam Miichu

Host: Bee 🐝

Tulpas:  Lenore 🕸️ Calliope 🐲 and Athelas 🌿 ((Sometimes we talk on here too.))


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Thx, although tomorrow I have an exam with a bit of math stuff and I'm not so confident about it


22ºC, it feels hotter though. I wore jeans and my legs felt so hot I actually felt like they were super cold

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i feel like such a fool. i was hemming and hawing, worrying about refilling my prescription, and not knowing what to do or how, but i finally got to the point where i really can't delay it anymore, and i went to try to refill it, and it was actually so easy and painless. if i knew it was this easy, i would have done it weeks ago!

I have a tulpa named Miela who I love very much.


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I've never heard of the term hemming and hawing. And yeah I just got a prescription today too. I used to only have my dad do it because I was too scared to, but it turns out it is pretty easy.


I got a job application for 2 different hotels. I guess hopefully maybe they hire me and that the job is less painful than what I do now because what I do now makes me want to die at this point



also hmm this prozac prescription is 20mg. if I remember correctly I was taking 5mg long ago. So geez. Apparently 20 is normal for an adult though.



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