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12 hours ago, Ashley said:

We couldn't switch until Bear/body, don't know which, wasn't sad anymore but he was trigger happy and we actually developed switching through a trigger method. When Bear was about to be triggered, I'd switch in and no triggering would happen, I was able to think logically and not emotionally. That led us to understand that the emotional part could be stopped through switching out of front without anyone switching in. That was shortly followed by SheShe's shadow/chakra work on Bear which eventually became Bear's shadow work on himself which fixed all the triggers, moods, and conditioning. Then in January 2020, we managed to put bear in dormancy and that ended up being a void experience for him which made him realize that not only is he not necessary, he didn't exist, we were all still here and so was the body. That led him to understand that he's not the body and that started a ton of investigations. Around that time SheShe and him began personality surgery on him thus turning patchwork bear into clockwork bear. Clockwork bear was 100% better but still in flux as if temporary. We worked another 2 years on shadow work and eventually Clockwork Bear evolved into Neo Bear or Bear 3.0. That is the Bear you would see now if we allowed him to post here, but this isn't for him, it's for Ren and I'm testing the water for her. So though we can't say it would fix sadness, it fixes anger and other emotions for the fronter so it follows it should also fix sadness. We don't know if it would fix depression, temporarily or not, and there's no way for us to test that at this point.

That's all very interesting. I wonder how to switch out without someone switching in. Or even switch out in general because I'm not sure if I do that when we switch. I still feel like I'm there. I am moved to the side wherever Rena might be sometimes (sometimes that's hard and we are both in the same front spot) but it still feels weak. I want a void experieince. I would also like to switch for triggers. Maybe Rena could do the part of my job that I struggle to do for me... She would be happy to help. Until I can be reforced or whatever and do it on my own. Fixing anxiety with switching would be great even if it can't fix sadness, but I think it can I just think I'm doing something wrong. Though it may depend on where the sadness is coming from, hmm.


Is there any way for you to teach this stuff to me or be a mentor? Idk if you want to do that though. I really feel I needed help for a long time with this stuff. I'd do my best to follow your instructions

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TB, I saw you describe that you had a paradigm shift with tulpamancy in your progress report, and I've seen similar experiences all around. Maybe I'll try it out one of these days. 


To me (from what I can gather), switching feels less of an auxiliary thing and more connected to tulpamancy than any other facet. It's introducing the concept of you taking the 'essence' of your tulpa and making said 'essence' have less room for interpretation. The tulpa is acting externally rather than internally, which seems like it can cement their personality and ideals as good as (if not better than) good old active forcing.


Does this check out? I might need a switching mentor someday too.


That is, if A3 doesn't become a carbon copy of me personality-wise

I'm Ringgggg, the intermediary between the indifferent and the intolerable.

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Idk if switching is better than active forcing, but people tell me I don't need to active force anymore if I just switch and have her talk to people, so maybe


Is A3 similar to you already?


And I don't remember anything I put in my progress report lol, it's been so long since I've looked at it. I wonder what I mean. I guess my post about switching and how my idea of it changed?

Creation for creation's sake.


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3 minutes ago, TB said:

people tell me I don't need to active force anymore if I just switch and have her talk to people

those people don't know what they're talking about

I have a tulpa named Miela who I love very much.


"People put quotes in their signatures, right?"


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