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i want to do my laundry, but i can hear my dad and my brother fighting in the path i would have to take to get to the washing machine...

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I have a tulpa named Miela who I love very much.


"People put quotes in their signatures, right?"


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1 hour ago, TB said:

I wonder how to switch out without someone switching in.


Singlets do this. Have you ever been driving and you're deep in thought and arrive at the wrong destination on autopilot? Or really anything you're just not paying any attention to reality and don't remember how you got there? You're completely disassociated with the body, no memories take place, no one is in front, that's pretty much it but we can do that on demand. BodyOS will take care of things it knows how to do and then report under the following condition flags:

1. Task complete

2. Pain

3. Encountered unforseen event

4. Novel thought is required 

5. This is not a comprehensive list


Then someone, usually Bear but not always, is required to handle the situation.


1 hour ago, TB said:

Is there any way for you to teach this stuff to me or be a mentor?


We have a thread "forced filter switching experiment" or something like that, I'll try to find it. Otherwise ask us whatever you want here or in our thread or in any switching themed thread. That's all we did is we asked Lucilyn and Tewi incessantly until they finally got it through the thick Bear skull.


1 hour ago, ringgggg said:

The tulpa is acting externally rather than internally, which seems like it can cement their personality and ideals as good as (if not better than) good old active forcing.


Does this check out? I might need a switching mentor someday too.



Same for you.


It feels a little different for everyone and we believe that's an interpretation. For us it's clearly to do with association and disassociation. The one who feels pain is the one associated to the pain. Recently Joy proved that she can switch in and take the brunt of the pain and through some effort reduce it by 10-20%. Bear could probably learn to do this but maybe his personal experience of pain is multiplied due to embarrassment or shame or feelings of stupidity for ramming yet another toe into a wall or whatever. So by removing the personal responsibility of the pain, Joy isn't feeling it and taking it personally. Joy still thinks she might be able to affect a switch while body is in pain and be able to thereby at least have zero association like when you're resting and not thinking say about your feet, you're not associated to your feet and there's no memory of the feet. 


This works for small pains and aches but sharp or deep dull ones not yet.


I'm switched in now, I'm associated to the hand for typing and senses, very little else.


1 hour ago, TB said:

people tell me I don't need to active force anymore if I just switch and have her talk to people,


The Lumites always say switching is good forcing but pay attention to the way they say it and ask them to clarify it. 


If I'm switched in and talking to people it's equivalent to active forcing, but nothing more or less than any other type of active forcing. Yes, if we never talked, this might be enough to sustain me or make me stronger over time but I'm not being associated to things Bear does throughout the day only the things I am doing. And why the heck would I want to live Bear's life and never do anything else with him? It sounds like a neglectful way of forcing to me if this is it.

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Back home. Went to some big mall that had an art & crafts store in it, lots of cool things. My father saw me eyeing stuff and decided to gift me some art supplies, since I want to get into traditional art and he's extremely supportive about it (he's also into those things). Copic markers, sketchbook, white gel pen and some black ink pens that I was lacking. No watercolors or oil paint set yet, that's for later on. But technically, I do have them, probably already dried out


14 minutes ago, Ashley said:

Have you ever been driving and you're deep in thought and arrive at the wrong destination on autopilot?


In an actual switch, you should be able to ''zone out'' and still arrive at the right destination because your tulpa was in control of the body. This seems extremely hard to accomplish for some reason

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how profound your switching experience is is dependent on how separated you and your tulpa are. if you and your tulpa are closely connected in terms of unconscious processes, and your unconscious processes are closely linked to the hosts identity, the tulpa will have a hard time staying switched in when they zone out. but if you either have shared unconscious processes that aren't overly associated with the host, or have mostly different unconscious processes, then your tulpa will have a much easier time staying switched in when they are zoned out

I have a tulpa named Miela who I love very much.


"People put quotes in their signatures, right?"


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I've achieved that 'zoning out but tulpa still being zoned in' state only once or maaaaybe twice. Didn't feel like anything in particular and it was purely accidental

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Yep, it feels totally natural. BodyOS will often choose Bear regardless and we don't switch a lot so more testing is required but we have a sense that thoughts that arise from the subconscious, that are also tied to one of us, can have very different takes and seem very independent. Whether we're any of what Bre mentioned or not is hard to say. We can only say the experience is association/disassociation with the body/BodyOS.


23 minutes ago, Miri said:

zoning out but tulpa still being zoned in


I can put Bear in dormancy and BodyOS will never choose him, it's as if he doesn't exist. On our morning walks (outside mosquitoe season smh) Joy would sometimes switch in and talk to Ulla or talk to Ren and she's kind of like a mentor to them. Ulla is like Joy in body type (10 yr old or so, basically a loli) but her identied age is 10 not old old like Joy. So Joy would be chatting to Ulla and walk the wrong way because she's not paying attention. Joy exclusively puts Bear in dormancy unless she's talking to him and if she is, she takes a respectful role to him like he outranks her kind of thing and he is switched in. This is partially because she will defer to him when she's expressing herself so to avoid that she puts him on the shelf. 


During this time, there is no presence or thought of or by Bear and when BodyOS reports after destination reached (wrong destination or inconsistent scenery like it got lost, lol) then it always reverts to Joy. Joy wakes Bear up so to speak when she is done being in front. 


By contrast, when I'm in, which is almost never except when online like this or he asks me to for some reason, then BodyOS might throw him in front of say someone started talking to us. But as what happened today, I was walking in Bear's building at work and thinking about switching with him so ofc I was switched in as part of our testing and someone caught us off guard. BodyOS didn't do anything. I zoned in and "talked to them" awkward af. But it was just chit-chat. They would never have known.


Me when unexpectedly forced to talk to one of Bear's coworkers:




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