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[Game] Last one to post wins!

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Oh no, did those darn rebels take down their ftl engine?


You don't need to take out FTL, that's a tactical mistake.  All you have to do is sabotage the time warp compensator.  So when they go ftl, they arrive at their destination in normal time, but depending on duration, the universe around them is so much older thay they're technology is trivial.  Just wait for them at their destonation with your latest galaxy class ship and they'll be so outclassed that they'll probably just surrender.

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Such Wow.  Reference So Forget.  Ah... Much Good.


Bre, I believe the captain is speaking in DOGE meme speak.  I an a novice in this language.


It's not running away that I'm worried about, if the ftl engine is down then they can't Doge and they are a sitting duck against any missiles


They'll have to deploy laser ams or use the fighter drones to knock out larger missiles.

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The sheild system is already down and with no Doge chance to speek of their only chance to survive is if they can get their Doge back up, or if they can take the enimies weapon system offline in time!

I have a tulpa named Miela who I love very much.


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