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[Game] Last one to post wins!

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You can't rest in your grave yet, someone also needs to bump you off top 3 in the arcade.

Yo, my name is Sean and I'm the host of 2 tulpas: Sente and Mae. You'll know when they're talking because Sente talks in yellow text and Mae talks in blue text.

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And the sun rises again, causing the free for all tug-of-war to continue once more.

"Try to get a better understanding of things before making your judgement." -Khan, Metro 2033


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I lost track long ago.


Oh thank god, Miri, i am so glad to see you. Quickly, let's talk about food or something. One time i wentvto the fair and everyone was gushing about batter dipped potato wedges, and so i said to myself. Ok, i'll pay $7 for double fried potatoes. After the first bite, i knew carnies were evil.

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