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Whatever you do, don't teach them the ABC's. They are not Kindergarteners! Don't narrate like that!


Hey Ranger, Lance tried to sit down and have the talk with me and I was patiently like 'uh huh. uh huh' and waited till the end of a very awkward conversation because he realized quickly that we can't possess and pretty much nothing applied to me at all. I reminded him that he'd given me an open door to his memories so how couldn't I already know this stuff anyway. In the end it came down to "nobody has a right to use me or manipulate me" and I told him "what part of anything I have ever said or done so far implies I am too shy to express outrage, too ashamed of anything to try and hide things from others, quickly and loudly express my own thoughts on odd situations..." Blah blah blah.


Phhh, the only thing I am self-conscious about is offending you guys. You are all awesome and I want to brighten your days! If someone is a jerk I will call them a jerk loudly, publicly and immediately. ;P

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.....Meanwhile, I feel like hiding for the rest of the day after some of the stuff Reilyn blurts out. She is literally my opposite in shame and disposition. I am absolutely not extroverted. In the beginning I was trying to do personality forcing and insisted on a bunch of stuff I lacked and she took it away and did her own thing ever since. I think she complements me really well though (after I'm done hiding) and I love her. Be careful what you ask for, I guess? :P

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I honestly didn't think Cassidy would want to switch, but it came to us so naturally and he has a lot of fun when he's in front.


On another note: my phone background was set to clouds, per Cassidy's request when he was much younger. He and Gavin agreed (I'm getting used to that happening) it should be changed to something for the both of them, so now it says "Cognito Ergo Sum" over a background of a forest.


The world is far, the world is wide; the man needs someone by his side. 

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