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[Game] Last one to post wins!

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Hah, I wish I could type the indignant noise he just made :P The consensus is that Cassidy gets to be the shy one, I get to be the social one (what), and Gavin stays in his new room. Apparently it's fine for me to talk trash about him, though.

The world is far, the world is wide; the man needs someone by his side. 

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Breloomancer, we got the equivalent of both an Aegislash and a Mega Mawile, and we know how to use 'em.


Wow that is much more Pokemon knowledge than I had expected of you

I have a tulpa named Miela who I love very much.


"People put quotes in their signatures, right?"


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I didn't read that post, w-where did you guys get that info??? that's more than Pikachu!

Miri: original one and now co-hosting.

Miichu: main fronter at the moment.


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Back when those pokemon were both legal in OU (well, Mawile still is but Mawilite is not) you'd be surprised how often you'd see people running them who don't know how to use 'em.

Yo, my name is Sean and I'm the host of 2 tulpas: Sente and Mae. You'll know when they're talking because Sente talks in yellow text and Mae talks in blue text.

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