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[Game] Last one to post wins!

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Interesting.. Account updated with spiffy new patron thingy, thanks for that. How do I re-link mine and Reilyn's accounts again? Seems to have come undone. And I have an additional LOLflash sponser bar dividing the first post post from all the others on ever page, too. On PC and mobile.

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In what I interpret as an adorable way she insists she is in bed asleep and it's just Lance here. Then again, I'm asking for account support in a game thread so I guess she has me beat.

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Correct. The option to swap accounts also disappeared in the upper right hand corner and when posting. Where is the link account option normally displayed? In my profile page, linked accounts it's blank and I can't remember if that's where the option was?

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Random wonderland and imposition shenanigans.



Misha and I had a wonderland adventure as normal, i had a headache so this might have had something to do with it, but i did closed eye visualization and random dreamlike glitches were working their way in.


I rarely do closed eye visualization for wonderlanding other than in bed at night, but due to my headache i decided to do it this way. I had some hypnagogic images and minor audio imposition as well.


I asked her, 'what do you want to do first?' And she rubbed her hands together with glee, but i heard her hands rub together in one ear. Those kinds of random impositions always catch me by surprise.


One of the glitches was unnerving, but we pushed past it.

she moved in to kiss the top of my forehead and instead she bit into my head like a giant cake.

She said she didn't do that, and it was obviously a random dream glitch. Still it was annoying.


A second one was a slight instability of a pillow on the couch in Dashie's mid building hanger room (basically a 4 story tall warehouse style segment of the tower with a giant domed hanger door that opens like a clam shell). The pillow was randomly spazzing out like some TF2 glitch. Definitely dreamworld bleeding nonsense. After that i continued open-eyed and had no further issues.


She imposed after that and i could visualize her quite well next to me (not visual imposition, just presence) and realized she was barefoot. I asked her if she wanted shoes, then she said, "my feet won't get dirty, see?" She spread her wings and flew off ahead of me.


I didn't expect her to do that.



Lance, this is why Misha is the main account in my system. Same thing happened to me when i got Patron. There must be a glitch with that roll.


I couldn't be primary.

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Logged out, logged in under her account, found she had the account switching option, had the option to un-link or specify her account as secondary. I chose wrong. Now neither of us is linked nor has the option to link anyone else.

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Dang... maybe Vos or Apollo can fix it? Or Jean-Luc.


I tried unlinking Misha to me and adding her from my account, no option.


Reilyn should have an option unless she is also patron.


@staff, i think we found a glitch in the patron roll. Maybe permissions? Maybe having to do with when the switching option was first added and it didn't work anywhere?



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