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[Game] Last one to post wins!

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I apologize. Some unforeseen circumstances made this a bit late. Here we go.


This scene occurs right after the next. It takes us to the Llama in his ship, returning hatefully to his comrades to finally start his raid. He regrets not having killed Dire right then and there, but alas he's still very confident. His mind is still in conflict but it seems the good side is taking over the bad, making him feel like not starting it. It's at that point that his traitorous second-in-command, Gerald, knocks him out with drugs to impersonate him with the technology to finally become the ruler of the llamas. He sets out as a cruel, cold-blooded leader to go and destroy the Alien army while dominating the earth at the same time.


Ah- I forgot. We need to do auditions for Gerald. For anyone who wants to be Gerald, please, say this line:


"What caused this sudden change of heart, sir? Usually you'd ramble on about that human girl you were speaking of. Ah, no matter, I have no qualms about this."


EDIT: Just found out my lead actor requested a self-ban. Movie productions are postponed until further notice.


I'm not going to listen to you guys since you are all probably just talking to yourself and don't really have a tulpa like me.



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Guest Anonymous

I want a romantic part. Make it a cameo cause if I have a leading role or even a supporting role, I will steal the show and dominate the entire thing with my adorableness.

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