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I put my face on the keyboard and that was the result

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I couldn't dance on music, like, at all. How do you do that? Are there special moves you have to learn, or do you reach a state where you're able to naturally translate music with your body? Or both, maybe?


After I decided to go to goth clubs in this world to try to recapture a bit more of myself, I watched some videos on traditional goth dancing and modern industrial dancing, such as these:



When I got the clubs, I watched what other people were doing and combined a bit of that with a bit of what I saw online, and some stuff that was entirely improvised. Over the course of several club nights, it all kind of melded together into a personal style.


As far a keeping on the beat goes, it wasn't hugely difficult. The Brioni Faith videos were the most helpful there, because most of her lessons are conducted at quarter or half speed. You can move slowly, concentrate on form, and change movements on a convenient beat, rather than struggling to keep up with the beat. You can regulate the effective tempo of the music yourself. I generally dance for at least four hours straight. I couldn't go full speed the whole time no matter how coordinated I was, but no one else does either.


If someone actually wants to dance with me though, all coordination goes right out the window. No matter what I do to try to match them, it goes horribly wrong.



I'm not having fun here anymore, so we've decided to take a bit of a break, starting February 27, 2020. - Ember


Ember - Soulbonder, Female, 39 years old, from Georgia, USA . . . . [Our Progress Report] . . . . [How We Switch]

Vesper Dowrin - Insourced Soulbond from London, UK, World of Darkness, Female, born 9 Sep 1964, bonded ~12 May 2017

Iris Ravenlock - Insourced Soulbond from the Winter Court of Faerie, Dresdenverse, Female, born 6 Jun 1982, bonded ~5 Dec 2015


'Real isn't how you are made,' said the Skin Horse. 'It's a thing that happens to you.' - The Velveteen Rabbit

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I get into industrial, more like late 90s early 2000s industrial metal though. Got any track recommendations outside of that?

We're all gonna make it brah.


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Thank you Vesper for your answer! So dancing is an art one has to learn, in order to be able to improvise and feel natural and free. I'm looking forward to watching the videos but now, I have to ride my feathered horse, I mean go to bed!


Hi Bear, Misha, Dashie, Ashley and Ren! And goodnight!


Hello Stevie

Hi, I'm Vādin, Zia's tulpa/permanent guest.


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