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The moon orbits the earth every 28 days or so, but the earth spins every day, so since they're out of sync, the moon's absolute longitudinal position changes every day by 1/28. Therefore half the time the moon is up during the day and half the time at night in a given month. So there is one day (full moon) where it's up all night, and one day (new moon) when it's in the sky all day. In between, bases on the phase or absolute longitude, it's partially in the sky during the day and partially at night. On the quarter moon, these time are equal.

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Ooo, I was just about to say "Angelic" should be switched to "Vampiric" for the season...


Humans work on 28 day cycles as well, unless you're me, and you work mostly on a weekly basis centered around Thursday mornings. 


So we never see a full moon in the daylight? -J


ninja'd: Did you think it tasted good, or did you like getting drunk? I used to hide in my tv stand/bedside table and drink mouthwash, but I realized recently mouthwash tastes bad and I actually liked the way it made me feel. But I also realized maybe that's how likes and dislikes work and now I'm confused. If you like something for the way it makes you feel, do you like the thing?

>tf when you google for "famous quotes by Marcus Aurelius" and had a fake one as your sig for months

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bear system appreciation hour! good bear!


i fully support your seasonal vampire system all the way

vampires need more representation

Aubrey speaks like this and Shield speaks like this. (at least most of the time)

Our profile picture is of Shield, because that's who mostly uses this account

We both use they/them pronouns

[Super-cool unofficial chat] [the lore]

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